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Authors have to put in the effort and apply their wisdom to write literary works and musical works of a lifetime or use skillful skill, great creativity to create unique works of art. However, at the present, there are serious infringements of intellectual property rights. Understanding the procedure of copyright registration is essential to prevent infringements and damages to authors. So, in order to help true artists protect their legitimate rights, LSX Law firm will provide you with our Copyright protection service for foreign works in Vietnam.

  • Law on Intellectual Property 2005 amended and supplemented in 2009, 2019
  • Decree 22/2018/ND-CP
  • Circular No. 08 /2016/TT-BVHTTDL

Copyright is the right of an organization or individual to a work they create or own.

Copyright arises from the time the work is created; and expressed in certain material forms, regardless of content, quality, form, medium, language, published or unpublished, registered or unregistered.

Copyright registration is a time-consuming process and is a relatively complex task. The first step in the process to get “licensed” is to collect and complete the necessary documents, including:

  1. Declaration of Copyright Registration
  2. Statement of the author and owner
  3. Text authorization (including service contract/ Power of attorney/ Authorization contract)
  4. Identity card/ Citizen ID/ Passport – Or business registration (If company)
  5. Two samples/copy of work 

To a person who has no legal knowledge and is not well versed in drafting; Performing administrative procedures with the above-mentioned documents is indeed very difficult. But please rest assured when using our service. The only thing you need to do is sign.

So, the main method of submitting copyright protection dossiers is: Submitting directly to the one-stop department of the Vietnam Copyright Office with head office and Representative offices in three regions:

  • Headquarters in Hanoi: No. 33 Alley 294/2 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh District, City. Hanoi
  • Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City: 170 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3
  • representative offices in Danang: 01, Tang Nhon 7, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District, Danang

The authors certainly don’t want to take time to get there and carry out cumbersome administrative procedures. Even if you are not an experienced person, it is easy to be inconvenienced by administrative officials. When using the services of Law Firm X, we will perform the filing on your behalf, ensuring the documents are submitted and processed in accordance with the law.


The Vietnam Copyright Office is the competent authority to consider and approve, and grant copyright to the work. This agency has an electronic portal at the address (

LSX Law firm is pleased to provide legal services on copyright registration service for foreign works in Vietnam. authors of works, including 

  • books, text – articles, press works
  • musical works (Phonograms songs, MV music, the recording performances)
  • works of graphic and architectural
  • effect cinematographic products
  • Software, applications, websites

With professional legal services provided by LSX Law firm ; we will do the related work, that is:

  • Legal advice and implementation process
  • Support in drafting valid dossiers
  • Support in collecting and certifying relevant documents
  • Representative performing procedures at competent state agencies
  • Complaints, feedback
  • Receive results and handover

As mentioned, when coming to our service, customers only need to sign

About us

LSX Law firm is proud to be the leading experienced and reputable unit in Hanoi city in particular, and the whole country said them in the field of registration for protection of intellectual property rights; especially copyright protection. Additionally, with a team of experienced and dynamic personnel, we will ensure to provide you with the most accurate, convenient, and fast legal services.

Also, If you are in need of using this useful service, please let me know by picking up the phone and calling immediately: 0833.102.102

LSX Law firm is a professional legal unit in the field of logo and brand name protection for large enterprises and companies in Vietnam. We have done the exclusive protection of logos for 1000+ cases across the country.

So It is very clear that this procedure is extremely complicated and lengthy If you do it yourself, it will take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we encourage you to use LSX’s services because of the following benefits:

Quality assurance

As legal experts with extensive experience in the field of intellectual property; You can rest assured of the quality of our services. Because before receiving any service contract about copyright, exclusive; We all conduct duplicate and similar lookups before. When and only when final results are available, attorneys and legal professionals will evaluate the possibility of registration, We have just given a sure answer to our customers.

Save time

So since we carry out the process quickly for you, there’s no need to spend time learning about regulations and submitting documents yourself, you can rest assured to assign work to professionals, thereby saving your precious time. Whatever form you choose, only after 5-15 minutes; Our lawyers and experts will contact you to advise you on the details of related issues.

Psychological comfort

No more anxiety and insecurity when going through the process yourself or feeling lost because you don’t know what to do. So, now you can completely relax, relax and wait for the results. Then, You will be able to get rid of all the burdens and troubles from the procedures.

Finally, Hope this article is useful for you to know more about our Copyright protection service for foreign works in Vietnam. If you need any further information, please contact LSX Law Firm0833102102

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rights of an author’s property in copyright registration?

Property rights include the following rights:

a) Making derivative works;

b) Performing the work in public;

c) Copying works;

d) Distributing or importing originals or copies of works;

e) Communicating the work to the public by means of wireline, radio, electronic information network, or any other technical means;

f) Lending out originals or copies of cinematographic works, computer programs

Are derivative works protected by copyright?

So Derivative works are only protected in accordance with the provisions if it does not prejudice the copyright of the work used to make the derivative work.

Why register copyright?

Because the most effective way to protect your rights to the work is to go through a copyright registration procedure. According to the provisions of Article 49 of the Intellectual Property Law 2005, if a creative author registers work with the Copyright Office, he doesn’t have to prove that the copyright and related rights belong to the Copyright Office. when there is a dispute unless there is evidence to the contrary. At that time, in the event of a dispute, just present the “amulet” which is the certificate of copyright registration to prove his legal rights.

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