Dossier to apply for Vietnamese citizenship for foreigners

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Getting Vietnamese citizenship means the Socialist Republic of Vietnam considers you as a Vietnamese citizen. They will enjoy the rights and obligations of Vietnamese law. What is the Dossier to apply for Vietnamese citizenship for foreigners? Let’s find out in this article with LSX Law firm.

  • Law on Vietnamese Nationality 2008.
  • Decree 16/2020/ND-CP.

So, Nationality is the legal relationship between an individual and a sovereign state. If a person has the nationality of a country, then that person is a citizen of that country. So, the current law on nationality has specific provisions on conditions and procedures for how to get Vietnamese citizenship for foreigners. However, if you still have problems with this issue, you can contact us for assistance.

Also, We can understand in a basic way that: nationality is attached to a person from the moment he or she is born, except in some cases where for certain reasons there may be a change of nationality.

Basic rights and obligations of citizens

So, to define the basic rights and obligations of citizens, we first must determine nationality. If rights and obligations are the central provisions of the Constitutional Law on the legal status of citizens; nationality is a pre-conditional and decisive institution. Only on the basis that an individual’s nationality has been determined can their citizenship rights and obligations be clearly and fully determined. Because not everyone who lives on the territory of a country is also a citizen of that state. Between citizens and non-citizens of the state; There are fundamental differences in rights and obligations.

Dossier to apply for Vietnamese citizenship for foreigners

So, Some papers in the application file for naturalization of Vietnam specified in Clause 1, Article 20 of the Law on Nationality 2008, and Article 10 of Decree 16/2020/ND-CP, include:

– An application for Vietnamese citizenship for foreigners in Vietnam;

– Other papers that are valid to replace Birth Certificate, Passport for stateless people applying for Vietnamese citizenship are papers with information about their full name, date of birth, affixed with that person’s photo and closed with the seal of the competent authority or passport, papers with international travel value;

– Curriculum Vitae;

– A judicial record card issued by a competent Vietnamese agency for the time the applicant for Vietnamese citizenship for foreigners in Vietnam; m, a criminal record card issued by a competent foreign agency for the time the applicant resides in Vietnam. the time the applicant for Vietnamese citizenship resides abroad. Judicial record cards must be issued within 90 days from the date of filing;

– Papers proving that the applicant’s Vietnamese language proficiency is a copy of his/her diploma or certificate to prove that he or she has studied in Vietnamese in Vietnam;

– Copy of Permanent Residence Card: A person applying for Vietnamese citizenship must have lived and worked in the Vietnamese territory for 5 years or more by the time of applying for Vietnamese citizenship for foreigners;

– Ability to secure life in Vietnam: documents proving property ownership; certificate of salary or income, issued by the agency or organization where the person works; tax authority’s certification of taxable income; documents proving the guarantee of organizations or individuals in Vietnam.

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