Look up trademark registration in Vietnam in 2022

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Trademark registration search means that the owner or organization authorized by the trademark owner searches for a registered trademark to assess the possibility of trademark protection before submitting an official application. The trademark registration process does not require prior research before applying.

Trademark search is an important step in the registration process for industrial property rights protection according to Vietnamese law to avoid the situation of trademark protection applications being returned due to duplicate or misleading issues.

Let’s find out the trademark registration service of Lawyer X through the article below.

Benefits of trademark registration

Make sure the brand is not duplicated

The search will help check whether the trademark that individuals or businesses wish to register is “duplicate or confusingly similar” to other registered trademarks to provide a reasonable solution.

Avoid wasting time and costs

The number of trademark protection applications filed at the National Office of Intellectual Property every year is more than 30,000 applications. Therefore, it is very important to select trademarks that are not similar or identical to those previously filed.

In case the search results are not satisfactory for the possibility of registration, this will help the applicant avoid losing money to conduct the registration as well as the time waiting for the NOIP to consider the application (besides the application process). research and create a new brand).

Check for accuracy

Look up trademark registration in 2022

After registration, the search will help individuals and businesses to check whether the information in the issued Certificate is correct with the data in the information system of the NOIP or not, if any. If there is an error, it should be corrected promptly.

The purpose of the trademark search service is to check whether the trademark intended to be developed and registered is identical or similar to someone else’s registered in Vietnam for the same type of product or similar service.

Moreover, by searching, businesses not only save financially but also save time (registration period 18-24 months).

Therefore, although a trademark search is optional, it is very important, and to ensure successful registration, before applying, customers should still conduct a search procedure.

How to look up trademark registration

Method 1: Search the online database of the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam

Step 1: Access the lookup address: http://iplib.ipvietnam.gov.vn/WebUI/WSearch.php

Step 2: Enter the brand information you want to look up in the search box

Stage 3: Enter image classification information in the image classification box.

Step 4: Last, enter product/service group information in the product/service group box and product/service name information.

After entering all the above information, click on the search button.

The results will be returned for customers to refer to and evaluate whether the brand they look up is the same or similar to another’s brand or not.

However, the trademark search in this form is for reference only and the results are only 50% accurate because the above online data will not be fully applied by the time of application.

Method 2: How to do an advanced brand search

Advanced trademark search is a trademark search by experts at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

To conduct an advanced search, the customer will authorize an intellectual property rights representative organization to work with an expert to conduct a trademark search file for the expert, who will directly search for the trademark. research on the database of the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

With this search method, the search results can evaluate over 90% of the brand’s ability to be protected. This form of search will cost a search fee.

To conduct a trademark registration search, customers need to prepare information and documents for the search, including specifically as follows:

– Brand information intended to look up

– Information about the product/service that the brand wants to register.

After having all the above information, we will search for one of the two ways mentioned above.

Why should you use the trademark protection registration service of Lawyer X?

Nowadays, trademark registration is very popular. However, not all business owners have adequate knowledge of intellectual property law in general; and knowledge of trademark registration procedures in particular. Therefore, it has created unnecessary losses and risks such as:

– The business market is always a highly competitive, high-risk market. The delay in the process of trademark registration will make the brand possible to be taken advantage of by competitors.

The trademark registration process involves many steps and takes a long time. So the more you delay, the more risks and losses you will create.

When using the service, lawyers can advise, exchange and support clients in the best way. Contribute to the smooth, fast and efficient registration process.

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Frequently asked questions

Trademark registration file after conducting a successful trademark search?

After the trademark search and the results show that the trademark is registrable, the customer needs to quickly submit the trademark application to get the earliest priority date, before applying, the customer needs to prepare a profile as below:
– Declaration of trademark registration according to the form of the competent authority- Number of 02 declarations
– 05 Models of trademarks and brands
– Authorization letter
– Other relevant documents (if any and applicable to each specific case)

Is it possible to transfer trademark rights?

Persons with the right to registration, including those who have filed a registration application, have the right to transfer the registration right to other organizations or individuals in the form of a written contract, to inherit or inherit by law with conditions that the transferred organizations and individuals must satisfy the conditions applicable to the respective registration right holder.

Services of Lawyer X.

Prestigious professional services: Firstly, the team of consultants and consultants for many years in the field of civil status, and customer support.

On-time: Certainly, with the motto “Get your lawyer right at your fingertips”, we ensure the service always performs on time. The rights and interests of customers always come first.

Cost: Besides, Lawyer X’s service costs are highly competitive; depending on the nature of the particular case. So, we want our guests to have the best possible service experience. Therefore, costs which guaranteed to be the most suitable and economical for customers.

Confidentiality of client information: Finally, all brand personal information of client Lawyer X will be 100% confidential.

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