Marriage with a Japanese under Vietnam law

by Anh Việt

Marriage is a matter of concern for many people. The marriage between foreigners and Vietnamese in Vietnam is now too common. So about the matter “Marriage with a Japanese under Vietnam law” To learn more about the procedure for marrying a Japanese, please follow the article below of LSX law firm for reference on the procedure for getting married to a Japanese person.

Legal grounds

  • Law on marriage and family 2014

Conditions for marriage with a foreigner

Male from full 20 years old, female from full 18 years old

According to Clause 1, Article 2 of Joint Circular No. 01 2016, the legal age to get married in Vietnam is full 20 years old for men, full 18 years old for women according to the date of birth.

If the month of birth cannot be determined, the month of birth is January of the year of birth; if the date of birth cannot be determined, the date of birth shall be the first day of the month of birth.

Marriage is voluntarily decided by a man and a woman

The principle of voluntary marriage is one of the principles prescribed by Vietnamese law throughout the Laws on Marriage and Family.

At the same time, the State also has policies and measures to create conditions for men and women to establish voluntary and progressive marriage relations.

No loss of civil act capacity

A person who has lost his/her civil act capacity is a person suffering from a mental illness or another disease who cannot perceive and control his/her acts and is declared by a court to have lost his/her civil act capacity (according to Article 22).

Therefore, when a person loses the force of civil act, he or she will not be aware of the marriage to the person, unable to determine whether the marriage request is voluntary and fulfilled according to that person’s will.

The marriage is not in one of the cases where marriage is prohibited

The cases where marriage is prohibited are mentioned in Clause 2, Article 5 of the Law on Marriage and Family, including:

 Fake marriage.

 Child marriage, coercion, deception, obstruction of marriage.

 Being married or married to someone else.

 Marriage between the following subjects: Persons of the same blood line directly related to each other within three generations, between adoptive parents and adopted children; between a person who used to be a father, an adoptive mother with an adopted child, a father-in-law with a daughter-in-law, a mother-in-law with a son-in-law, a stepfather with a step-child of a wife, a stepmother with a step-son of a husband.

 Claiming wealth in marriage.

 Taking advantage of marriage for human trafficking, labor exploitation, sexual abuse or other acts for the purpose of self-seeking.

The state does not recognize marriage between people of the same sex

Marriage means the establishment of a husband and wife relationship by a man and woman in accordance with this Law on marriage conditions and marriage registration.

Clause 5, Article 3 of the Law on Marriage and Family has confirmed so. Accordingly, marriage is the establishment of a husband and wife relationship between a man and a woman after fully meeting the conditions and registering the marriage.

Must be registered in accordance with regulations at the competent authority of Vietnam

Clause 1, Article 9 of the Law on Marriage and Family states:

The marriage must be registered and performed by a competent State agency in accordance with this Law and the civil status law.

Accordingly, only when registering at a competent agency after meeting the conditions for marriage, the marriage relationship between a man and a woman will be recognized by Vietnamese law.

Marriage with a Japanese under Vietnam law

Marriage at this agency is suitable in the following two cases. One is that Vietnamese and Japanese are both living in Vietnam. Second, the Japanese, although not living in Vietnam, can come to Vietnam many times or once but for a long time to get married. Experience is that Japanese people need to prepare all documents before returning to Vietnam.

Registering marriage at this agency also has difficulties that you need to save. One is that the documents to be prepared include many different types and are very difficult to prepare. The second is the obstacles from the marriage registration agency, including weak professional qualifications, authoritarian attitude, bossy, and harassment of civil status justice officials and civil servants. Third, the time to resolve and return the results is long, the time to return the results is 15 working days. In case you get married at this agency, you need to prepare the required documents including the following documents:

a) For Vietnamese citizens

1. Certificate of marital status;

• Divorce decision or divorce judgment (in case of married and divorced)

• Death certificate (if married but spouse has died)

2. Birth certificate;

3. Residence papers;

4. Personal documents

5. Marriage health certificate;

6. Sample photos;

7. Declaration


These are just the most basic documents that need to be prepared. During the application process, you will definitely have to add some additional documents in accordance with the law.

The content of the medical examination for marriage is also an issue you must pay attention to. What to examine and at which medical facility to be accepted is not an easy task.

b) For Japanese citizens

1. Papers proving marital status;

2. Personal papers;

3. Civil status papers;

4. Marriage health certificate;

5. Passport;

6. Sample photos;

7. Declaration.

Some issues to note:

• A Japanese document can have many types, but not all types are accepted for marriage registration, but that document must be in the correct form prescribed by Vietnamese law. Ideally, you should ask an experienced unit to check the documents before submitting them.

• Documents of Japanese people need to be copied, translated, notarized, certified/legalized in accordance with Vietnamese and Japanese laws.

The consular certification/legalization procedure is really challenging for those who do it for the first time. In addition to having to travel many times, performing many stages, you may have to queue from 2am or 3am and still not be able to submit your application.

Consulting service for marriage registration with foreigners at LSX lawfirm

In the process of preparing documents for marriage registration with foreigners, Vietnamese citizens must apply for a certificate of marital status. Requirements When applying for a certificate of unmarried status, a foreigner must be present and present a certificate of single status, which confirms to the Vietnamese the purpose of applying for a civil status certificate to Register your marriage in Vietnam. However, it is now a statutory provision that has become obsolete as it is no longer relevant. According to the current law, when applying for a civil status certificate, Vietnamese citizens only need to go to the People’s Committee of the city to make an official declaration and receive the results.

Foreigners issued in a foreign language must also be translated into Vietnamese, notarized by a competent Vietnamese state agency, and legalized by a consular office, which can be used for marriage registration. Doing these jobs is not easy but also requires a lot of time and effort.

Due to the above-mentioned difficulties, a foreigner’s marriage registration dossier has many documents. In order to marry a foreigner, it is necessary to interview, translate and certify documents in a foreign language. Therefore, it takes a lot of time and effort, sometimes having to go back and forth many times, due to not knowing the process, there is no regulatory document. LSX specializes in providing quick marriage services for foreigners in Vietnam.

Services of LSX

Prestigious professional services: Firstly, the team of consultants and consultants for many years in the field of civil status, and customer support.

On-time: Certainly, with the motto “Get your lawyer right at your fingertips”, we ensure the service always performs on time. The rights and interests of customers always come first.

Cost: Besides, LSX’s service costs are highly competitive; depending on the nature of the particular case. So, we want our guests to have the best possible service experience. Therefore, costs which guaranteed to be the most suitable and economical for customers.

Confidentiality of client information: Finally, all brand information of client LSX will be 100% confidential.

Please contact us immediately if you have any questions about “Marriage with a Japanese under Vietnam law”

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Frequently asked questions

Fees for marriage registration with foreigners?

Marriage registration fee: 1,500,000 VND/case

Time to process the application for marriage registration with a foreigner?

Time to evaluate documents + sign the marriage registration certificate: 10-15 working days from the date of receipt of complete and valid documents.
Time to hand over the marriage certificate: 03 working days from the date the President of the district-level People’s Committee signs the marriage certificate.

Where to carry out procedures to register a foreign marriage?

Cases in which foreign marriage registration procedures must be carried out include:
Marriage registration between Vietnamese citizens and foreigners; between Vietnamese citizens residing in the country and Vietnamese citizens residing abroad; between Vietnamese citizens residing abroad; between Vietnamese citizens concurrently holding foreign nationality and Vietnamese citizens or foreigners.
Or foreigners residing in Vietnam who require marriage registration in Vietnam.

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