Naturalization fee for overseas Vietnamese

by Anh Việt

Currently, more and more overseas Vietnamese have the need to return to Vietnam to invest, work, live, etc. And to facilitate these activities, overseas Vietnamese should register for Vietnamese citizenship, especially, If overseas Vietnamese want to own real estate in Vietnam, naturalization is the only solution for overseas Vietnamese to own real estate in their name. So about the matter “Naturalization fee for overseas Vietnamese” Let’s find out with LSX in the article below.

Legal grounds

  • Nationality Law 2008

What is Vietnamese naturalization?

Vietnamese naturalization is an administrative procedure carried out at a competent Vietnamese agency for non-Vietnamese citizens to acquire Vietnamese nationality.

To be naturalized, Non-Vietnamese citizens need to meet the conditions prescribed by Vietnamese law for each specific subject.

For overseas Vietnamese who used to have Vietnamese nationality, but now reside and live in foreign countries and have naturalized abroad, they may naturalize Vietnamese as follows:

– If overseas Vietnamese have renounced Vietnamese nationality or been deprived of Vietnamese citizenship, they can naturalize Vietnam according to the instructions in the article Here.

Benefits when overseas Vietnamese do procedures for Vietnamese naturalization

When an overseas Vietnamese completes the procedures for naturalization in Vietnam, it means that they are a holder of dual citizenship (also known as dual citizenship) and will enjoy all the privileges and benefits in terms of economy, politics, welfare. social interests of both countries of which overseas Vietnamese are citizens. Benefits can include:

♦Own and name real estate in Vietnam.

– According to the provisions of land law, foreign nationals can only buy and own houses in the form of apartments or houses under the project.

– When Viet Kieu naturalized in Vietnam, they will have the right to own, buy and sell all types of real estate like all Vietnamese citizens without the above restrictions.

♦Invest, open a company conveniently, without restrictions on market access.

According to the provisions of Vietnam’s investment law, foreign investors must meet a number of conditions when investing in Vietnam, and at the same time, investment procedures for foreign investors are complicated and take a long time. more time. Meanwhile, investors with Vietnamese nationality do not have to meet these conditions and the company establishment procedure is also much simpler and faster. Therefore, when overseas Vietnamese naturalize Vietnam, they will own dual citizenship, allowing Viet Kieu to choose the most profitable business investment plan for them in the application of the provisions of the investment law. Male.

♦More convenient in entry and exit without applying for a visa or permanent or temporary residence card.

Foreigners entering Vietnam need a visa, and even if they are granted a 5-year visa, they can only reside in Vietnam for no more than 6 months at a time, at the end of this residency period, overseas Vietnamese must carry out the extension procedure in duration of residence or temporarily exiting another country and re-entering Vietnam. When having dual citizenship, overseas Vietnamese who enter with a Vietnamese passport can stay in Vietnam indefinitely. Besides, entry with a Vietnamese passport is also much simpler than when using an entry visa.

Steps to apply for Vietnamese citizenship

In order to naturalize in Vietnam, overseas Vietnamese must carry out four steps as follows:

Step 1: Viet Kieu prepares a set of documents to register for permanent residence in Vietnam according to the instructions in Section 6.

Step 2: After preparing all the documents in step 1, overseas Vietnamese submit their documents at the Immigration Department of the Police Department of the province or centrally run city where the Viet Kieu have a lawful residence or the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Public Security.

Step 3: After receiving the naturalization dossier of the overseas Vietnamese, the immigration management agency considers and evaluates the conditions, and when the dossier meets the prescribed conditions. In case the dossier of overseas Vietnamese meets the conditions, the immigration management agency will reply with the approval result for the Viet Kieu to return to Vietnam for permanent residence.

Step 4: After receiving the results of step 3, overseas Vietnamese carry out procedures such as: registering for permanent residence in the locality, applying for a citizen ID card and a Vietnamese passport.

Naturalization fee for overseas Vietnamese

Currently, the fee for applying for Vietnamese citizenship for foreigners is regulated as follows:

Naturalization in Vietnam 250 USD Vietnam naturalization fee may vary depending on the change of the competent authority.

Return to Vietnamese nationality 200 USD

Retirement of Vietnamese nationality 200 USD

*Note: The above Vietnamese citizenship fee is only the fee for submitting documents to the competent authority. Excluding other costs such as preparation of documents, translation – notarization of documents, travel to submit documents, …

Things to know when applying for Vietnamese citizenship

In cases where foreigners want to settle down in Vietnam and apply for Vietnamese citizenship, and at the same time want to keep their foreign nationality, within 20 days from the date the competent authority reviews the dossiers, if they find that the applicant If naturalization has all the conditions for naturalization in Vietnam, the competent authority will report to the Prime Minister and submit to the President for consideration to come to a final decision.

If a Vietnamese citizen has been deprived of Vietnamese nationality, at least 5 years later, counting from the date of nationality deprivation, will you be considered for re-grant of Vietnamese nationality. Dossier to re-enter Vietnamese nationality is required as instructed above but instead of preparing 1 set, the applicant needs to prepare up to 3 sets. These records will then be archived at the dossier-receiving agency, the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the President.

In case the stateless person has full identity papers and has resided in the Vietnamese territory since the 2000s, up to the effective date of the 2008 Nationality Law. At the same time, during your stay, if you comply with the Constitution and laws of Vietnam, you will be naturalized in Vietnam according to the order prescribed by the Government.

Notes when carrying out procedures for naturalization in Vietnam

– Overseas Vietnamese often face difficulties when they do not have enough documents to prove that they used to have Vietnamese nationality. Accordingly, Viet Kieu must extract documents such as birth certificates and permanent residence books before settling at the competent authorities. This extract will be more difficult if Viet Kieu’s time to settle down is long.

– Extracting old records can also be difficult when the identity information of Viet Kieu has changed. For example, some overseas Vietnamese, when naturalizing abroad, will take a new name in a foreign language and do not have documents to prove the relationship with the old name, which will make it difficult to extract documents and process naturalization documents. because these papers are all in the old name.

In addition, in the process of carrying out the procedures, state agencies may request the explanation of some information related to the identity of the Vietnamese naturalized person.

– In fact, the processing of naturalization dossiers by the Immigration Department about the naturalization of Viet Kieu in Vietnam is quite long, from 4-6 months. Therefore, the applicant must regularly monitor the status of the application to provide additional documents in a timely manner if requested by the Immigration Department.

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Frequently asked questions

Conditions for overseas Vietnamese to naturalize in Vietnam?

Viet Kieu may be naturalized in Vietnam when satisfying the following two conditions:
Firstly, overseas Vietnamese have papers proving that they used to have Vietnamese nationality and still hold Vietnamese citizenship according to the provisions of Vietnamese law.
Second: Overseas Vietnamese who have lawful residence in Vietnam, including houses owned by themselves or rented, borrowed or stayed at other people’s houses or sponsored by relatives.

Documents to prepare when naturalizing Vietnam?

To naturalize Vietnam, overseas Vietnamese need to prepare 02 sets of documents, including the following documents:
1) Application for permanent residence in Vietnam (Download form ct 02).
2) Foreign passport or permanent residence document issued by a foreign competent authority.
3) One of the valid papers proving that overseas Vietnamese have Vietnamese nationality.
4) Copy of documents proving lawful residence in Vietnam:
In case overseas Vietnamese have been allowed to own houses in Vietnam, submit a certificate of house ownership or documents on buying, selling, gifting, giving, exchanging, inheriting houses, housing purchase contracts, etc.
In case overseas Vietnamese rent, borrow or stay at another person’s house or are guaranteed by a relative, they shall submit a contract for renting, lending or letting them stay at the house; A document proving that the lessor, loaner or requester agrees to allow such person to register for permanent residence; Papers and documents evidencing the ownership of the house of the lessor, borrower, or stayer.

Processing time for applications for naturalization in Vietnam?

After about 115 days from the date the competent authority receives the full and valid, the foreigner’s application for Vietnamese citizenship will be considered. However, if the documents for naturalization are incomplete and need further verification, the results of your naturalization application will be delayed longer.

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