Procedures for changing business lines online according to Vietnamese law

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Legal grounds:

Law on Enterprise 2020

Decree 01/2021/ND-CP01/2021/NĐ-CP

The process of notifying change of business lines via electronic network is carried out as follows:

Create an electronic business line change notice file

(1) Choose your application method

Depending on each specific case, the applicant chooses one of the following methods: using a business registration account; use public digital signatures

(2) Choose online change registration type

(3) Register to change business

(4) Confirm the information

Note: To create a profile, you first need to prepare: Register an account to log in to the system; Register a business registration account or assign a public digital signature to the account; Electronic payment account.

Declare information in the online notification of business line change

So, Enter the information in the electronic business line change notification dossier. Then, Designate the person to sign the business registration document. Finally, Check Profile Information

Download the electronic document of the business registration dossier online

When submitting an electronic registration dossier, users need to upload all the required documents according to the regulations on the composition of the application.

In which, Requirements for attached documents are electronic documents:

– Created online or scanned (scanned) from paper documents

– Available in “.doc”, “.docx” or “.pdf” format;

– The name of the electronic document must correspond to the name of the type of paper in the paper file

– Has a capacity of no more than 15Mb

Prepare and sign the business registration documents online

So, the appointment of the digital signator/authenticator of the business registration dossier does at the step of declaring information in the online business registration dossier, as guided in the above section

In order to digitally sign/Verify business registration documents, the signer opens the application to sign, press the [Signature/Verify with business registration account] button to digitally sign/authenticate.

In addition, the dossier can also authenticate with a business registration account.


If the enterprise’s registration dossier needs to disclose business registration contents, the enterprise must pay the information disclosure fee by means of electronic payment. Then, choose the appropriate payment method: Domestic card or international card

Monitor the processing status of the dossier

Once the application appears on the online business registration application, the applicant can search the application at any time.

Amendment and supplementation of dossiers in case dossiers need to amend and supplement

So, the steps to submit an amended and supplemented dossier include:

View the notice of amendments and supplements,

Then modify information/attachments;

After that, the user sign documents for authentication;

Finally, get a new Receipt.

Get Result

So, Enterprises go to the Business Registration Office (according to the appointment in the Receipt) to receive the results or contact the Business Registration Office to receive the results via the public postal service.

Receive fee and fee receipts (for dossiers with online fee payment)

– For the application with payment of the fee for announcing the content of business registration online, after the application is approved, the enterprise will receive an email to issue an electronic receipt.

– In case the online application is not approved, the user will receive a refund of the fee for announcing the business registration content submitted as prescribed.

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Related question:

After changing the registered business lines, does it have to be published on the national web portal?

Accordingly, the Law on Enterprises, if there is a change in the contents of enterprise registration, the enterprise must carry out the procedures for public announcement on the National Business Registration Portal.

In what cases is the enterprise not allowed to register or notify the change of business registration contents?

So, Enterprises may not register or notify changes to business registration contents in the following cases:
1. Has been notified by the Business Registration Office about the violation of the enterprise in the case of revocation of the Certificate of Business Registration or has been issued a Decision on revocation of the Certificate of Business Registration;
2. In the process of dissolution according to the dissolution decision of the enterprise;
3. At the request of the Court or the judgment enforcement agency or the investigating agency, the heads and deputy heads of the investigating bodies and investigators specified in the Criminal Procedure Code;
4. The business is in the legal status of “No longer doing business at the registered address

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