Publicization of construction planning in Vietnam

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Law on the construction 2014

Publicization of construction planning in Vietnam

Firstly, within 15 days from the date on which the planning is approved by a competent authority, the construction planning project shall be published.

Secondly, it is required to publish all contents of the construction planning project and regulatory regulations laid down according to the promulgated construction planning project, except contents related to national defense, security and state secrets.

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Responsibility to publicize construction planning in Vietnam

Firstly, regarding inter-district construction planning and district construction planning:

a) People’s Committees of districts shall publish inter-district construction planning.

b) Then, People’s Committees of districts or People’s Committees of communes shall publish district construction planning.

Secondly, for general planning for construction of function zones:

a/ The Ministry of Construction shall assume the prime responsibility for; and coordinate with the related provincial-level People’s Committees in; publicizing the inter-provincial plans on construction of function zones, which fall within the approving competence of the Prime Minister.

b/ Then, the People’s Committees at different levels shall publicize general plans on construction of function zones within their respective administrative boundaries.

Thirdly, the People’s Committees at different levels shall publicize the approved sub-zone construction plans; and detailed planning for construction of function zones within the administrative boundaries under their management to people for implementation and supervision of the implementation.

Commune People’s Committees shall publicize the commune and rural residential quarter construction planning.

So, if persons responsible to publicize the construction planning do not publicize; delay the publicization or falsely publicize the contents of approved construction planning; they shall be disciplined or examined for penal liability, depending on the nature and severity of their violations; if causing damage, they shall compensate therefor in accordance with law.

Forms of publicizing construction planning in Vietnam

The approved construction planning project shall be regularly posted and updated on websites of the authority in charge of organizing formulation of the planning; authority in charge of formulating planning and construction planning authority and on mass media.

In addition to the form of publicization prescribed above, competent persons may decide on other forms of publicization as follows:

a/ Organizing conferences to publicize the construction planning, with the participation of representatives of related organizations and agencies; Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, representatives of people in the planning region and of the press agencies.

b/ Then, Public, regular and continuous display of panels; drawings and mock-ups at public places and offices of construction planning management agencies at all levels and at offices of commune-level People’s Committees, for detailed construction planning.

c/ Printing and widely distributing construction planning maps and regulations on management of approved construction planning.

Related questions

The form of information on construction planning?

Information on construction planning shall be provided in the following forms:
a/ Publicizing construction plan dossiers.
b/ Explaining the construction planning.
c/ Providing information in writing.

Provision of information on construction planning in Vietnam?

Construction planning-managing agencies shall provide information on construction locations, construction boundaries, red-line boundaries, construction levels and other information relating to the planning when so requested by organizations and individuals within the scope of construction plans under their management.
The People’s Committees at different levels shall organize the receipt and processing of requests and provision of information upon request.
Within 15 days after receiving a request, the construction planning-managing agency shall provide information in writing to the requester.
Requesters for the provision of information in writing shall pay a charge for the provision of information.
Information providers shall take responsibility before law for the time of information provision and the accuracy of the provided documents and data.

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