Recognize signs that husband has extramarital affair in Vietnam

by Thu Huong

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Signs that a husband has extramarital affair

In modern life, the pursuit of material things often makes us forget about family, forget about the person holding hands with us. Or there are husbands who are married but plan to go out to find a new one. 

First of all, you can pay attention to your appearance and how you dress

Normally, when going to work, the clothes are wrinkled, the clothes are loose, and the shoes are dirty. But then one day you notice and realize that today your husband is dressed in a very beautiful way. It is different from usual, even sprayed with perfume, his shoes are naturally clean and beautiful. You asked him and told him that he had a meeting today. It is important, going to meet customers, and many other reasons. But every day is bright and fragrant, so we should be a little more vigilant and pay attention to the next signs.

Second, pay attention to strange gestures

The phone does not have a password lock. Whether knowing the lock or not is the right and freedom of each person. But this is also a remarkable point. Next, I was looking at my phone and suddenly smiled, when I asked him if there was something funny. He said he didn’t give it and used an excuse like his friend sent funny pictures. When they quickly drift off to another topic. I didn’t buy anything for the whole year, but I suddenly found myself buying clothes and shoes continuously to call myself beautiful.

The two people’s feelings go down when husband has extramarital affair

When your husband or the rest of you have a different emotion outside of the flow, you will feel the difference almost immediately. Normally, they can cuddle each other all day, use each other’s phones freely, dress sloppily in front of each other, eat and drink together comfortably without hesitation at all. But when people change their feelings, things become more uncomfortable than scowling, annoyed. Touch the phone and you can quickly rush to get and change the password. Things that used to be done by two people together are now difficult to do together. Through things like when the relationship between the two of them is no longer passionate, or avoidable.

Above are the most basic things to know if your husband has a boyfriend or not. Everyone can observe and try to see if it is correct. These ideas are just a synthesis from many sides, with more contributions, people can add in the comments.

What to do if you find out that your husband has extramarital affair?

Most of the time, people think that they are going to hit that third person, but doing so is not necessarily good, although it helps us to satisfy the anger at that time. But later on we will have to face our actions before the law for assaulting others. Then why do we have to do that, there is always a saying “what is yours will always be yours, if it’s not yours, it will never be yours no matter what you do”, so the The best thing to do is to collect evidence of your husband’s adultery and then let go of each other’s hand to the divorce court if you feel that it is impossible to accept it.

He may not be yours, but if there is evidence he is having  an affair, your share of the property or custody may be yours. And there are also many cases where knowing a husband has a girlfriend, two people still can’t leave each other because their children live in a house on the same bed, but they don’t have any feelings for each other, which is also a big deal. great conscience.

Regulations on husband beating wife according to Vietnamese law

Divorce settlement with husband residing in Australia

Does the husband have a lover who left his wife and children, should he divorce or not?

This belongs to each person’s point of view and each individual has a different perspective. 
If now we stand from the perspective of a person who is wholeheartedly devoted to her husband and children, who doesn’t care about anything, the fact that a husband has a lover leaving his wife and children should go and find a new happiness alone. 
From the perspective of controlling people who always force their husbands to follow, maybe they will never give up on their husbands, even if they have a boyfriend or run away, they will still find and bring them back. 
As for real life, each person has a situation and a fate that no one can live, so only the people involved know what is best for them.

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