Regulations on husband beating wife according to Vietnamese law

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Acts of husband beating wife

Acts of husband beating his wife are specified in Clause 1, Article 2 of the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control 2007  on domestic violence acts, including:

  • Beating, violence, ill-treatment or other intentional acts infringing upon health or life.
  • There are acts of insulting, intentionally insulting the honor and dignity of others.

What does “a husband beat a wife” means?

Pursuant to Article 49 of the Government’s Decree No. 167/2013/ND-CP stipulating penalties for administrative violations in the field of social security, order and safety; Prevention of social evils; fire prevention and fighting; Domestic violence prevention and control, depending on the seriousness of the violation, will be sanctioned as follows:

  • For acts of beating and causing injury to family members, a fine of between one million and one million five hundred thousand dong.
  • If using tools and items to cause injury or failing to take the victim to the emergency room in time. When causing acts of domestic violence against the victim, the fine will be from VND 1,500,000 to VND 2,000,000.
  • In addition, the husband must take remedial measures to be forced to publicly apologize to his wife.
  • The husband will be criminally prosecuted for intentionally causing injury. If the violent act causes serious injury or uses a dangerous weapon to beat his wife. Pursuant to Clause 1, Article 134 of the Penal Code 2015 as amended in 2017 .
  • In case a husband beats his wife, causing injury of 11% or more or less than 11%. In cases such as using dangerous weapons or harmful tricks to 2 or more people. Or using acids or chemicals dangerously damaging the wife’s health or causing slight disability to the wife. The husband will be criminally prosecuted for the crime of “intentionally causing injury or causing harm to the health of others”.

What to do when a husband beats his wife?

Denunciation of husband’s act of beating his wife

When the husband has beaten, abused, or other acts, the wife has the right to file a denunciation. She can do with the People’s Committee of the commune where she resides or the district-level police station for protection. There are sanctions for the husband’s behavior. When filing a complaint against her husband’s domestic violence, the wife needs to attach evidence to prove those acts. Within the time prescribed by law, based on the results of complaint settlement by the People’s Committee of the commune, ward or township. The wife can file a complaint with the People’s Committee of the district or initiate a lawsuit against. The settlement decision of the People’s Committee of the commune, ward or township to a competent court.

Sue husband beat wife

In the case of beatings or abuse, the wife does not want to live with the abusive husband. She can file a divorce petition to the Court to terminate the marital relationship. 

Can a husband who is beaten by his wife call for help?

The man needs to prevent the violent behavior from happening to himself. 
The husband needs to talk directly with his wife to see if her wife is unhappy about something? 

Since then, the husband cleverly finds a way to solve the problem for the wife. And the two work together to resolve the conflict, if any.
In case the husband cannot use words to persuade or explain to his wife. They refuse to stop the violent act, the husband has the right to ask the law to intervene.
According to the law, all acts of using violence against others are against the law, whoever the victim is.
In this case, it is completely possible to call for help, the husband can ask relatives in the wife’s family to help reconcile.

Can husband and wife do online divorce procedures?

What is the procedure for divorce when the husband is abroad?

Should a husband beat his wife to forgive?

In marriage, arguments and quarrels are common. 
Therefore, the wife should also acknowledge and reconsider to better adjust herself in her relationship with her husband… In case the wife has tried to change herself, adjust her behavior to be more positive. , giving advice to her husband so that he could correct his mistakes, but it still didn’t work.
The husband is still violent, beating, the wife should also think about asking for help from relatives, the government and the law for protection. 
Because a husband who is abusive, often assaults and beats her, will cause emotional damage to his wife as well as the psychology of the children, so they should not receive forgiveness.

Can I file a lawsuit against my husband for beating my wife?

The wife can completely denounce her husband for beating his wife to the People’s Committee of the commune, ward, township or the police office to protect and deter her husband. 
In case you do not want to live with your husband, you can file a divorce petition to the court to end the marriage relationship.

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