Requirements on construction planning in Vietnam

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Legal grounds

The construction law 2014

What means of construction planning in Vietnam?

Accordingly, construction planning means the organization of spaces of urban and rural areas and function zones; then the organization of technical and social infrastructure systems; the establishment of an environment suitable to people residing in territorial areas, ensuring the harmony between national interests and community interests, attaining the socio-economic development, national defense, security, environmental protection and climate change response objectives. Construction planning is demonstrated through a construction plan consisting of diagrams, drawings, mock-ups and explanations.

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Prohibited acts in Vietnam construction activities

Requirements on construction planning in Vietnam

Firstly, conform to socio – economic development strategy and industry distribution and development strategy; conform to national planning, regional planning and provincial planning; ensure national defense and security, facilitate sustainable socio – economic development; industry distribution and development strategies during the same period; ensure publicity, transparency and harmony of interests between the State, the public and individuals.

Secondly, Organize and arrange territorial space on the basis of rationally exploiting and using natural resources, land, historical relics, cultural heritages and other resources in compatibility with natural and socio-economic conditions, historical and cultural characteristics and scientific and technological advances in each development period.

It related about What means of requirements on construction planning in Vietnam

Thirdly, Meeting the demand for use of the technical infrastructure system; ensuring connection and uniformity of regional, national and international technical infrastructure facilities.

Then, Protect the environment, preventing and fighting natural disasters and responding to climate change, minimizing the adverse impacts on community, conservation, embellishment and development of the value of historical relics, cultural heritages, beliefs and religions; ensuring synchronism in architectural space, social and technical infrastructure facilities.

Establish bases for planning, investment management and construction investment attraction, and managing, exploiting and using regional construction works, function zones and rural areas.

Related questions

Regional construction planning means?

So, Regional construction planning means the organization of systems of urban and rural areas and particular-function zones and systems of technical and social infrastructure works within the administrative boundaries of a province or a district, inter-provinces or inter-districts, which meets the socio-economic development requirements in each period.

Particular-function zone construction planning means?

So, Particular-function zone construction planning means the organization of space, architecture and landscape, systems of technical and social infrastructure works within a particular-function zone. The particular-function zone construction planning covers general construction planning, construction sub-zone planning and construction detailed planning.

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