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by Anh Việt

Under the regulation of law, single certificate form, also known as marriage certificate form, is used in many administrative procedures. The paper form is made according to regulations and is a required document component in many cases. So about the matter “Single confirmation for foreigners in Vietnam in Vietnam” Let’s find out with LSX in the article below. Hope this will be helpful for you!

Legal grounds

  • Law on Marriage and Family 2014
  • Decree 126/2014/ND-CP

Single certificate for what?

In fact, the certificate of singleness (the form of certificate of marital status) is used in many administrative procedures. Specifically, there are some use cases of paper templates such as:

1. Carrying out marriage registration procedures (according to Clause 2, Article 2 of Decree 123/2015/ND-CP on procedures for granting a certificate of marital status).

2. Used in the purchase, sale and transfer of land (according to Clause 1, Article 33, Law on Marriage and Family 2014 on common property of husband and wife).

3. Make a bank loan application in some cases according to the bank’s regulations.

4. Apply for a job at a number of units and businesses

The status of being single or married greatly affects the rights and obligations of citizens. Therefore, a number of administrative procedures require citizens to confirm their single status in order to process documents in accordance with the provisions of the Law. In addition, many private establishments or organizations are also required to have a certificate of singleness when applying for a job.

Single confirmation for foreigners in Vietnam

Accordingly, Point b, Clause 1, Article 20 of Decree 126/2014/ND-CP dated December 31, 2014 stipulates one of the documents required when making a marriage registration application: “Certificate of marital status or marriage registration declaration with certification of the marital status of Vietnamese citizens, issued within 06 months, up to the date of receipt of the application; papers proving the marital status of the foreigner, issued by the competent authority of the country of which he is a citizen, less than 06 months from the date of receipt of the application, certifying that he is currently unmarried. or unmarried. In case foreign law does not provide for the issuance of papers certifying marital status, it shall be replaced with a sworn statement of the person who is currently unmarried or unmarried, in accordance with the laws of that country.

The authority to issue a certificate of the person’s relationship status is the embassy or representative agency where they are a citizen. For some countries, they do not issue a certificate of relationship status, but require an affidavit (e.g. US). This affidavit may be issued at the competent authority in each country or consulate.

According to Clause 2, Article 21 of Decree No. 123/2015/ND-CP dated November 15, 2015 Issuing certificates of marital status to foreign citizens and stateless people residing in Vietnam:

“1. The People’s Committees of communes, places of permanent residence of Vietnamese citizens shall issue certificates of marital status.

In case a Vietnamese citizen does not have a permanent place of residence, but has registered his/her temporary residence in accordance with the law on residence, the People’s Committee of the commune where he/she has registered his/her temporary residence shall issue a certificate of marital status. .

2. The provisions of Clause 1 of this Article shall also be applied to grant certificates of marital status to foreign citizens and stateless persons residing in Vietnam, upon request.”

Procedure to apply for a certificate of singleness

Procedures to apply for a certificate of singleness directly

Procedures for applying for a single body certificate directly are based on the provisions of Articles 21 and 22, Decree 123/2015/ND-CP. Specifically, the procedure to issue a certificate of marital status, you follow the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare necessary documents

1. The original certificate of marital status issued in accordance with regulations.

2. In case of confirming marital status with a spouse but divorced or dead spouse, valid proof must be presented/submitted.

3. In case a Vietnamese citizen abroad has divorced/annulled his marriage, then returns to his/her home country for permanent residence or completes procedures for new marriage registration at a competent Vietnamese agency, a copy of the household extract must be submitted. respective nationality.


In case of requesting for re-issuance of the certificate of marital status for other purposes or the certificate has expired, the previously issued certification must be returned.

In case the certificate cannot be returned, you must clearly state the reason, the civil status registration agency will have a written exchange with the previous marriage registration place for verification.

Step 2: Submit documents to confirm singleness

After preparing all relevant and appropriate documents for your case, you can go to the submission locations specified in Article 21 of Decree 123/2015/ND-CP to submit and apply for certification. . Specifically:

The person requesting the issuance of the Certificate of marital status directly performs or authorizes another person to submit the application directly at the One-Stop Department:

• Commune-level People’s Committee, place of permanent residence.

• Commune-level People’s Committee where temporary residence is registered in accordance with the law on residence (if a Vietnamese citizen does not have a permanent residence).

Note: If you do not receive results or cannot verify your single status, you can make a written statement of marital status.

When submitting your application/certificate of marital status, you need to present:

• Proof of residency to determine jurisdiction (during the transition period);

• ID card/CCCD/passport or other papers with photo and personal information attached by a competent authority, valid for use to prove identity.

Procedures to apply for a certificate of singleness online

Currently, citizens can completely apply for a certificate of singleness online through the online Public Service Portal of each specific locality.

For example, if you are residing in Hanoi city, you can follow the instructions below.

Step 1. On the browser tool (google chrome/firefox/bing/microsoft edge) you access the Hanoi City Online Public Service Portal at: HERE.

Step 2: You choose “Administrative procedures”

Step 3: In the keyword field, enter “Issuing a certificate of marital status”

Step 4: In the search results, select “Issuing a certificate of marital status”

To be able to submit your application online, you need an account to log in to the national public service portal, you can use this account to log in to the online public service portal in localities across the country. water.

In case you do not have an account, you can refer to the instructions on how to register for a national public service portal account

Basically, the interface of public service sites in each locality is not the same, but the implementation process is similar according to the following steps:

Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. After completing each step you press “next” to continue

Step 1: Enter contact information

Step 2: Enter profile information

To fill in information quickly, you can click on the button “get information from the submitter”

Step 3: Enter the declaration

You fill in all the required information on the declaration form > when you’re done, click “next”

Step 4: Attach the file

You scan the entire document confirming the marital status corresponding to your case (taken from the original or a certified copy from the original) and update the above documents in the profile section.

After completing, you can save the previously filled profile by clicking the “save” button or sending the corresponding profile with the “send” button.

Thus, the process of applying for a certificate of marital status has been completed.

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Frequently asked questions

Responsibility to apply for a certificate of marital status?

This responsibility first belongs to the person who wishes to apply for a certificate of marital status, upon request, the requester for certification of marital status shall submit a declaration according to the prescribed form. In case of request for certification of marital status for the purpose of marriage, the requester must fully satisfy the marriage conditions as prescribed by the Law on Marriage and Family 2014.

Is it illegal to request a certificate of single status while married?

According to the law, before January 1, 2016, the certification of singleness is done by the agency of the last place of residence. People are committed to their celibacy at earlier times. Thus, it is illegal for your husband to ask for a certificate of single status while married, because you and your husband have not yet divorced, so your husband must be responsible for the commitment that is not correct. actual marriage.
In addition, because people have committed to their marital status in previous periods, it is not illegal for the Commune People’s Committee to still grant them.

Can I get a certificate of singleness if I am not divorced?

According to the provisions of Article 9, Law on Marriage and Family 2014, then:
“1. The marriage must be registered and performed by a competent state agency in accordance with this Law and the civil status law.”
So if you have a legal marriage certificate as prescribed above, so your sister and her husband have not divorced, your sister cannot apply for a certificate of singleness to marry. kiss someone else. This is against the law. If your sister’s husband has torn the marriage certificate, your sister must apply for a new copy of the marriage certificate.

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