The dossier of investment guidelines registration

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From an economic perspective, investment is an indispensable concept in the dictionary of successful entrepreneurs. Among them, investment in establishing economic organizations, or investment in buying contributed capital, shares of economic organizations, etc. are the most popular forms. In this process, entities need to have an investment certificate. However, they need to register an investment policy. LSX Lawfirm willgive you an article about this issue: “The dossier of investment guidelines registration” as follows:

Law on investment 2020

Law on enterprises 2020

What does “Investment guidelines” means?

Accordingly, Investment guidelines means the objectives, location, scale, schedule and duration of a project; investor or form of selection of investor and special mechanisms or special policies (if any) to execute an investment project.

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The dossier of investment guidelines registration

  • Firstly, a written request for the implementation of an investment project.
  • Secondly, for institutional investors: copy of Certificate of Establishment or other equivalent document certifying legal status as prescribed.
  • Thirdly, for individual investors: Notarized copy of ID card or valid ID card or passport.

-Investment project proposal includes the following contents: investor, investment objective, investment scale, location, duration, investment capital, investment schedule, labor demand, proposal for priority investment incentives, socio-economic efficiency of investment projects.

  • Copy of one of the documents:
  1. Financial statements for the last 2 years of foreign investors
  2. Then, commitment to financial support from a financial institution
  3. Commitment to financial support of the parent company
  4. Then, documents explaining the financial capacity of investors
  5. Guarantee of investor’s financial capacity
  6. Then, Proposing land use needs;
  7. Explanation of technology use: technology name, technology process diagram, technology origin, main specifications, equipment and technological lines, usage status of machines, process diagram technology, main specifications, usage status of machines and equipment…if necessary according to regulations
  8. Finally, BCC contract for investment projects in the form of BCC contract.

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Cases needing to apply for an Investment Certificate

a) Investment projects of foreign investors

b) Investment projects of economic organizations

The National Assembly’s power to approve investment guidelines?

Investment projects that:

  • Exert great effects or potentially serious effects on the environment.
  • Require repurposing of land meant for wet rice cultivation during with 02 or more crops of at least 500 hectares.
  • Then, Investment projects that require relocation of 20,000 people or more in mountainous areas or 50,000 people or more in other areas.
  • Require application of a special mechanism or policy that needs to be decided by the National Assembly.

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