Dossier for protection of foreign copyrights in Vietnam

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Have you ever wondered what is the Dossier required for the protection of foreign copyrights in Vietnam? Let’s find out in this article with LSX Law firm.

Law on Intellectual Property 2005 amended and supplemented in 2009 and 2013

Decision 59/2016/QD-TTG

Normally, whenever literary, artistic, scientific works are published, the name of the author (group of authors) is publicized as a way of honoring the creativity and the values ​​​​that the work brings. In creating such works, the author has specific intellectual property rights. More specifically, in Clause 2, Article 4 of the current Intellectual Property Law, the concept of copyright is as follows:

According to legal science, copyright is a collection of legal regulations on copyright in order to confirm and protect the rights of authors and copyright holders, to determine the obligations of subjects in the creation and use of literary, artistic, and scientific works. To prescribe the procedures for exercising those rights and to protect those rights when there is an infringement.

Dossier for protection of foreign copyrights in Vietnam

Dossier for protection of foreign copyrights in Vietnam includes:

Application for copyright registration according to the form by the Copyright Office.

Note: the declaration is in Vietnamese. The application owner or authorized organization must fill in all information on the application form.

2 copies of registered works. Specifically:

+ Written works: 2 books printed on A4 paper with the number of pages and the author’s signature on each page or bordered by the company.

+ Computer program: 2 copies of source code + software interface on A4 paper + 2 CDs with source code content and its interface.

+ Works of applied art: 2 copies on A4 paper with the signature or seal of the author or owner of the work.

+ Musical works: 2 paper copies of the music + lyrics or sound recording in case of recording.

+ Architectural works: 2 drawings printed on A3 paper.

Note: for solid works that are bulky in size, A photo can suffice in place of a copy.

You are reading: Dossier for protection of foreign copyrights in Vietnam

  • Power of attorney or authorization contract.
  • Original papers certifying the right to the work if the work is inherited or transferred.
  • Written agreement between co-authors in case the work has more than one authors.
  • In case a copyrighted work have multiple co-owners, a written consent from other co-owners is nessesary.
  • Copy of the author’s ID/CCCD/Passport.
  • Author’s statement.
  • Copy of business license, establishment decision, etc.
  • The decision to assign work in case the owner registers as a legal recipient or contracts to hire another party to create the work.

That is the Dossier for protection of foreign copyrights in Vietnam, to find out more about the process of the protection of foreign copyrights in Vietnam, please consult this article.

Finally, Hope this article is useful for you to know more about Dossier for the protection of foreign copyrights in Vietnam. If you need any further information, please contact LSX Law Firm0833102102

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