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Foreign investors open polyclinics in Viet Nam

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More and more private polyclinics have been established to meet the medical examination; and treatment needs of the people when hospitals are always full. The clinic model with not too large investment capital and low risk attracts domestic and foreign investors. In this article, LSX Lawfirm will guide foreign investors open polyclinics in Viet Nam the following procedures.

Legal grounds


Investment Law 2020

Enterprise Law 2020

the procedures for foreign investors jointly contribute capital with Vietnamese to establish a company

Firstly, establishment of a Vietnamese company with operation registration of a polyclinic, establishment time is only from 06-08 days, including procedures for issuance of business registration certificate, engraving of legal entity’s seal and notice use the company’s seal sample;

Secondly, apply for a license to operate a polyclinic

Lastly, transfer the contributed capital to foreign investors.

The case of establishing a company with 100% foreign capital in Vietnam.

Firstly, apply for an investment registration certificate at the investment registration agency;

Secondly, after get an investment registration certificate; the investor will establish an enterprise and apply for a business registration certificate at the business registration office.

Lastly, after completing the company establishment procedure, the investor submits an application for a certificate of eligibility to operate the clinic.

Issuance of operating licenses for polyclinics

Conditions for being granted an operating license for a polyclinic; such as clinic size, facilities, medical equipment, organization and personnel, and scope of professional activities are specified in Article 24. Circular 41/2011/TT-BYT.

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