How long is the process of divorce with Vietnamese?

by DangKhoi

Divorce is something that no one wants, but if it is the only way out of adversity and finds happiness, then LSX will help you. How long is the process of divorce with Vietnamese? This is the question that many people have nowadays. Let’s find out in this article with LSX Law firm.

  • Law on Marriage and Family 2014
  • Civil Procedure Code 2015

Divorce must be fast

This is the goal that LSX always aims to when solving a divorce case, in fact a divorce case lasts a long time compared to the pure provisions in Civil Procedure Code 2015.

Why do the process of divorce with Vietnamese take so long?

The divorce process is lengthy because the disputes arising from the process of cohabitation are too many. For example, how is property divided? Who gains and loses? I don’t like this, you don’t like that, until the issue of dividing the children, and then the emotional problems are not completely over. This basically makes the divorce much more difficult. 

How long is the process of divorce with Vietnamese?

How to get a quick divorce?

Based on practical experience, LSX has learned that:

  1. A high degree of agreement and consensus must be reached between husband and wife on all issues: Children, property, common debt, feelings… and proceed with a consensual divorce
  2. Find and choose the right Court to accept the divorce, find out the templates, characteristic of the court to avoid confusion.
  3. Prepare components records (including notarization and authentication) to perfection, to avoid mistakes and The court issuing an additional notice.
  4. the service of a divorce lawyer can help you to complete it quickly and without taking much time

Finally, hope this article is useful for you to know more about: How long is the process of divorce with Vietnamese? If you need any further information, please contact  LSX Law firm+84846175333 or Email:

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