How to buy land without papers fast and simple in Vietnam?

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Currently, the certificate of land use right, also known as the red book, plays an important role to transfer land use rights. However, many land owners nowadays still do not have the red book of their land due to various reasons in the past. It may confuse people who want to buy and sell such land. So, in this article, LSX legal firm will give you guidance on: “How to buy land without papers fast and simple in Vietnam?”

  • Law on Land 2013
  • Decree 53/2017/ND-CP

Conditions for land transfer

According to Clause 1, Article 188 of the Law on Land 2013 on conditions for exercising the rights of land users:

Article 188. Conditions for the exercise of the rights to exchange, transfer, lease, sublease, inherit, donate or mortgage land use rights; to contribute land use rights as capital

1. Land users may exercise the rights to exchange, transfer, lease, sublease, inherit, donate or mortgage land use rights and contribute land use rights as the capital when meeting the following conditions:

a) Having the certificate, except for the case prescribed in Clause 3, Article 186 and the case of receiving inheritance prescribed in Clause 1, Article 168 of this Law;

b) The land is dispute-free;

c) The land use rights are not distrained to secure judgment enforcement;

d) Within the land use term.”

So, the transfer of land use rights can only be done when the land has been issued with a land use right certificate. When the land does not have a certificate, the law will not recognize the exercise of the rights to transfer the land use rights.

Therefore, you should ask this person to complete the procedures for the land use rights certificate. Then, the transfer will take place in accordance with the law.

Procedure to buy land without papers

The process of establishing the transfer contract will take place at the Notary Office or the People’s Committee of the commune/ward. Required documents include the certificate of land use right, copy of identity card, and household registration book of related parties.
Then, declare tax obligations at the People’s Committee of the district where the land located.

Dossiers to buy land without papers

  1. Registration fee declaration (buyer).
  2. Personal income tax declaration (the seller, except for cases of tax exemption).
  3. Transfer contract.
  4. A copy of the certificate of land use right. (with authentication).
  5. Copies of identity cards and household registration books of both parties. (with authentication).

After the issuance of the tax payment notice, the two parties shall pay taxes within 10 days into the state budget.

Dossiers to declare to change the name of land use rights

Dossiers include:

  1. An application form for registration of fluctuations.
  2. Transfer contract.
  3. Certificate of land use right.
  4. Copy of identity card and household registration book of the buyer (certified).
  5. Paper of payment to the state budget.

Processing time: no more than 15 days.

What to do when buying land without a red book?

In case you have bought land without a red book, according to experts, you should make a deposit contract. The contract must clearly state the terms of the seller’s commitment as well as compensation for failure to perform the commitment. Besides, you should make a power of attorney for management, use, and disposition so that when the land parcel is eligible for a book, you can take the initiative to carry out the procedures yourself.
At that time, to limit possible risks, you need to find out information about the origin of the land to see if the land legal for residential or not? Does it belong to encroached land or not? When building a house, has the competent authority issued a decision to force it to dismantled? Is the property currently in dispute with other entities?
You can verify this information through the official in charge of construction and cadastral of the People’s Committee of the commune or ward. If the land has problems that fall into one of these circumstances, the purchase may take a risk.
On the other hand, you need to check the seller’s identification. If the seller has a spouse, the sale and purchase contract must involve both spouses. Then, ask the seller to hand over the original documents on the origin of the house (if any).
Also, you should ask two neighbors to witness the transfer document and may require the seller to point with just the right index finger on the contract. Then, make the payment at a bank or ask the seller to write a money receipt.

Real estate sale and purchase contract without red book

Buying real estate without a red book has many potential risks when legal procedures cannot be carried out. The buyer needs to resolutely receive the seller’s commitment to applying for the red book after signing the purchase and sale contract because you have to notarize all real estate transactions to make them valid before the law.

The process and procedures for buying and selling real estate do not have any guidelines. Below are just the main contents of a handwritten real estate sale and purchase contract template:

  • Information of two parties: Transferor and transferee.
  • The right to use the transferred land and assets attached to the land, including specific information about the land plot such as number of the land plot, number of map sheets, address of land, land area, etc.
  • Transfer price and payment method.
  • Provisions on land allocation and registration of land use rights.
  • Responsibility to pay taxes and other fees.
  • Methods of settlement in the case of a dispute.
  • Commitment to the responsibility of the parties.

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Furthermore, using our service, you do not need to do the paperwork yourself; We guarantee to help you prepare documents effectively and legally.

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Can people mortgage land belongs to civil aviation activities?

Organizations and individuals using land at airports and airfields may not mortgage land use rights.

Can people mortgage land of religious establishments, residential communities?

According to the law, religious establishments and residential communities using land can not mortgage their land use rights even though they fully meet the conditions for a mortgage of red books.

Type of land to mortgage?

 Firstly, agricultural land allocated by the State within the limit;
Secondly, l and allocated by the State with a collection of land use levy;
Thirdly, land leased with a one-time payment for the entire lease period;
Fourthly, land recognized by the State with land use rights;
Fifthly, land received for conversion, transfer, donation, and inheritance.

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