How to buy Voluntary Health Insurance for Foreigners in Vietnam?

by DangKhoi

Health insurance exists to ensure the health of employees who have the responsibility and the right to participate in health insurance, not for profit. Currently, not knowing the regulation on how to buy voluntary insurance is a problem for many people especially foreigners in Vietnam. Can foreigners buy voluntary health insurance cards in Vietnam? What is the current procedure to buy a voluntary health insurance card for foreigners? Let us find out in this article with LSX Law firm

Legal grounds

  • Law on Health Insurance 2008
  • Decision 595/QD-BHXH
  • Decree 146/2018/ND-CP
  • Official Letter 3170/BHXH-BT

What is Health Insurance?

Before learning about the current procedure for buying voluntary health insurance for foreigners. Let’s find out with LSX Law firm: What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a form of mandatory insurance that is applied to the subjects specified in this Law for health care, not for profit purposes, organized by the State.

Thus, Health Insurance is one of the types of insurances in the public healthcare sector for no-profit purposes. Accordingly, The owner of Health Insurance will be covered partially or fully the cost of medical examination, treatment, or recovery in case of accidents or sickness.

Can foreigners participate in health insurance?

The current Health Insurance Law stipulates its subjects as follows:

This Law applies to domestic organizations and individuals and foreign organizations and individuals in Vietnam related to health insurance.

As you can see, the law does not distinguish between Vietnamese and foreign workers. Foreigners are fully entitled to participate in voluntary health insurance; or compulsory health insurance.

However, to participate in health insurance, foreigners need to meet the following conditions:

  • Foreign workers must have an indefinite labor contract or labor contract with over 3 months in duration.
  • Foreigners who study in Vietnam, have scholarships from the Vietnamese Government.

Voluntary health insurance premiums for foreigners

For foreigners who want to participate in voluntary health insurance, the only way is to pay health insurance according to a household. This means that foreigners must have their names in the household registration book; or temporary residence book with other members in Vietnam.

The law requires that the contribution rate of health insurance premiums of household members is determined as follows:

  • The first person pays 4.5% of the base salary.
  • The second person pays 70% of the first person’s payment.
  • The third person pays 60% of the first person’s payment.
  • The fourth person pays 50% of the first person’s payment.
  • From the 5th person onwards, the payment is equal to 40% of the contribution rate of the first person.

Procedures for buying voluntary health insurance for foreigners

To buy voluntary health insurance for foreigners, it is necessary to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare the dossier to buy voluntary health insurance

Firstly, prepare a dossier for buying voluntary health insurance includes the following documents:

  • Health insurance declaration (Form TK1-TS).
  • The list of households participating in health insurance from the head of Hamlet, quarter.
  • Copy of household registration book, temporary residence book.
  • The original or a photocopy of the health insurance cards of other members of the household who already have cards (to calculate the premiums).

Step 2: Submit the application at the social insurance agency of the commune, ward or town where you reside. 

Then, after the authenticity of the dossier above is confirmed by the officials. If the documents are valid, you must pay the fees for the health insurance.

Step 3: Get your health insurance card 

After that, Within 10 working days from the date the health insurance agency receives the valid documents, you will receive your health insurance card.

Finally, hope this article is helpful for you!

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How much is the coverage rate of Health Insurance when treating other locations besides the registered location?

1. 40% of medical examination and treatment costs at central hospitals.
2. 60% of medical examination and treatment costs at provincial hospitals.
3. 100% of medical examination and treatment costs at district hospitals.

In what cases can foreigners apply for a reissue of their health insurance cards?

In the following cases, foreigners will be able to apply for a reissue of their health insurance cards:
1. Torn, torn, or damaged.
2. Change of place of initial medical examination and treatment registration.
3. The information on the card is incorrect.

How much is the coverage rate of Health Insurance when treating at the registered location?

If you have Health Insurance and go to examine and treat at the registered location. The coverage rate would be 80% of the total examination, treatment cost.

Can foreigners borrow health insurance cards for medical examination and treatment?

The answer is no. This behavior will be handled when detected by medical staff and competent authorities. This is an illegal act, so foreigners are not allowed to do it in any way.

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