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Procedures for issuing business visas for foreigners in Viet Nam

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Vietnam is currently on the way of development in many aspects such as economy, politics, society, people … with advantages in nature as well as people, Vietnam attracts many countries around the world. Therefore, activities between enterprises, especially transnational cooperative enterprises, have gradually become popular. To meet this need, Vietnamese law always offers reasonable directions to adjust to this need, one of which is the regulations on visa issuance for foreigners in Vietnam. So what about procedures for issuing business visas for foreigners? Let’s find out with LSX Lawfirm.

Legal grounds

Enterprise law 2020

Conditions to get business visa for foreigners in Vietnam

  • Being a partner with a business in Vietnam (individual or entity with Vietnamese or foreign legal status);
  • Passport and international travel documents;
  • The guarantee agency in Vietnam must carry out the procedures at the Vietnam Immigration Department and approve the entry of foreigners.

Note: At the present time due to the Covid 19 epidemic when applying for a business visa, foreigners just can receive visas at Vietnam’s Embassy/Consulate, not receive visas at international border gates and foreigners must have a negative test result for Covid 19 and a written consent to allow entry. Provincial People’s Committee of the foreigner who plans to enter the country. Therefore, businesses and individuals inviting guarantee must follow procedures. Continue to apply for an entry letter at the Vietnam Immigration Department with the content of applying for a visa for foreigners at the nearest embassy/consulate where the foreigner is residing.

Dossier to apply for a business visa for foreigners in Vietnam

  • The original passport of the foreigner is still valid as prescribed;
  • Application form for visa, extension of temporary residence;
  • The entry letter approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department allowing foreigners to enter and receive visas;
  • Work permit for foreigners who require to apply for a work permit. In case a foreigner is exempted from a work permit; you need to provide a certificate of labor exemption;

In addition, depending on the applicant for a business visa, the following documents must be provided:

  • Operation licenses of enterprises and organizations: Business registration certificates, investment licenses, operating licenses of branches, representative offices, etc.
  • Certificate or notice of use of the seal of the enterprise or organization.
  • The introduction document has the signature and seal of the competent person at the enterprise or organization guaranteeing the foreign worker.

Procedures to apply for business visa for foreigners in Vietnam

Vietnamese enterprises carry out procedures for inviting and guaranteeing foreigners to enter Vietnam. Includes the following 2 steps:

  • Declare business information to the immigration authority.
  • Submit an entry application for foreigners entering Vietnam to the Immigration Department.

Business visa applications for foreigners are received at the Immigration Department. If the application is approved; the Department will resend the Immigration Official Letter to the enterprise, in case of refusal it will reply in writing, clearly stating the reason.

Besides, businesses in Vietnam will send an entry letter to foreigners and check the information for foreigners to apply for a visa at international airport border gates or foreign embassies.

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Related questions

What are the uses of visas and passports?

A visa is used as a permit that allows you to enter and exit a certain country. While passport as personal information for identification 

Which agency has the authority to issue visas in Vietnam?

According to the law, foreigners, depending on each case, can apply for a Vietnam visa at one of the following agencies in Vietnam:
Administration of Immigration.
Immigration management office of provincial and city police. 

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