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Register website copyright according to the latest regulations

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With the variety of website types today, knowing the popular types of websites will help you understand the development trend of the internet today; as well as have a clearer direction when you want to build your own website. This is a branded communication channel; widely deployed by businesses and organizations today. Accompanied by security risks and copyright infringement. Understanding this, the following article LSX Lawfirm would like to introduce to readers about register website copyright according to the latest regulations

Law on Information Technology 2006 ;

Decree 22/2018/ND-CP ;

Circular 211/2016/TT-BTC.

Why need to register website copyright?

Website copyright registration includes: registration of website interface; registration of website code, to protect copyright for your website, the exclusivity of the work does not depend on whether the registered copyright or not. Or in other words, copyright registration is not mandatory; copyright registration helps to prevent the owner from having to prove copyright when a dispute occurs.

In addition, website copyright registration also helps businesses, organizations and units to handle infringements of other subjects when infringing website copyright, creating trust with customers when using translation products.

Website copyright registration forms

Pursuant to Article 13 of Decree 22/2018/ND-CP, websites are protected by copyright in the following two forms:

Firstly, works of applied art, a work of applied art is a work represented by lines; colors, shapes and layouts with useful features, which may attach to a useful object, produced manually or industrially such as: Graphic design (expression of logos, identity systems and product packaging) fashion design, product styling, interior design, decoration. The website will register to protect its interface in the form of applied art works.

Secondly, the computer program, a computer program is a collection; of instructions expressed in the form of instructions, codes; diagrams or any other form that, when attached to a computer-readable medium is capable of making the computer perform perform a task or achieve a particular result. The website will register to protect the code in the form of a computer program.

Dossier of procedures for website copyright registration

To carry out the procedure for website copyright registration, you need to prepare 01 set of documents in accordance with current law. Specifics include:

  • Author information;
  • Applicant information;
  • Website code version;
  • A set of screenshots of the website’s interface;
  • Copy of the author’s identity card;
  • Certificate of business registration of the owner

Website copyright registration procedure

Step 1: Submit your application

Authors and copyright holders directly or authorize other organizations and individuals to submit 1 set of copyright registration dossiers at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Copyrights Department or the Office of the Copyright Office). representative of the Copyright Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang City). Resumes can be sent by post.

Step 2: Receive and process the application

Within 15 working days from the date of receipt of a valid application, the state management agency in charge of copyright is responsible for granting a certificate of copyright registration to the applicant.

In case of refusal to issue a copyright registration certificate, the state management agency in charge of copyright must notify in writing the applicant.

Step 3: Return the result

Article 40 of Decree 22/2018/ND-CP stipulates that organizations and individuals need to pay fees when carrying out procedures for registration of copyright and related rights in accordance with law. Specifically, this fee will depend on the subject of copyright protection (Article 4 of Circular 211/2016/TT-BTC).

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Related questions

What is website?

Website can be understood as a system used to collect web pages (web pages). 
These web pages do not contain a lot of information and include a lot of text, images, videos, flash etc., usually located in only one domain name (domain name) or subdomain (subdomain) on the World Wide Web of the Internet. 
The website is hosted (web hosting) on ​​a web server (web server) accessible through the Internet.

How much is the website copyright registration fee?

– Firstly, registration of copyright of applied art works: 400,000 VND.
– Secondly, registration of computer program copyright: 600,000 VND.

Conclusion: So the above is Register website copyright according to the latest regulations. Hopefully with this article can help you in life, please always follow and read our good articles on the website:

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