Regulations when hanging business signs in Viet Nam

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What are the regulations when hanging business signs according to the law? What is the mandatory content on the company signboard? LSX wil provide you regulations when hanging business signs in Viet Nam.

Legal grounds

Decree 103/2009/ND-CP

Law on Advertising

Form of business – company signboard

According to the provisions of Article 22 of the Regulation on cultural activities and public cultural business promulgated together with Decree 103/2009/ND-CP, Signboards at the head office of the company , the place of business of organizations and individuals Individuals may be presented in the form of boards, signs, light boxes, neon lights or other forms to introduce the name and transaction address of Vietnamese organizations and individuals. , foreign organizations and individuals in Vietnam.

Compulsory content on business – company signboards

According to the provisions of Article 34 of the Law on Advertising , a signboard must have the following contents:

– Name of the direct managing agency (if any);

– Name of the production and business establishment according to the business registration certificate; Certificate of business registration ;

– Address Phone.

On the signboard is shown the symbol – logo registered with the competent authority, the logo area is not more than 20% of the signboard area it is not allowed to show information; advertising images for any kind of goods; any services (Article 23 Regulations on cultural activities and public cultural business).

Letters written on company and business signboards

Must also fully comply with regulations: must have content expressed in Vietnamese, except where trademarks, slogans, proper names in foreign languages ​​or internationalized words cannot be used, replaced with Vietnamese. In case both Vietnamese and foreign languages ​​are used on the Signboard, the foreign font size must not exceed three-quarters of the Vietnamese font size and must be placed below the Vietnamese word (Article 34 of the Law on Advertising);

Size of corporate company signboard

Accordingly Article 34 of the Law on Advertising, the size of your signboard must also comply with the following regulations:

– For horizontal signs, the maximum height is 02 meters (m), the length does not exceed the width of the front of the house.

– For vertical signs, the maximum width is 01 meter (m), the maximum height is 04 meters (m) but must not exceed the height of the floor where the sign is located.

Location of business – company signboards at the head office, business premises

The installation location of the sign must not cover the space for escape and fire fighting; must not encroach on sidewalks, roadways, affecting public transport. According to the provisions of Article 23 of the Regulation on cultural activities and public cultural business promulgated together with Decree 103/2009/ND-CP:

+ Signboards written, placed close to the gate; or the front of the head office or business place of the organization or individual;

+ Each agency or organization just can write and place one signboard at the gate.

+ At the head office or a place of business independent of other organizations or individuals, only write and place one horizontal signboard and no more than two vertical signs.

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Accordingly the time for the business registration agency to process the application for change of business line is 03 working days after receiving the complete and valid application.

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