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Reporting regime on investment activities of foreign-invested companies

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During the implementation of an investment project, a foreign-invested company grant an investment registration certificate must comply with the prescribed reporting regime to the competent authority as prescribed. LSX Lawfirm has a number of legal opinions related to the implementation of the Reporting regime on investment activities of foreign-invested companies as follows.

Legal grounds

Investment Law 2020.

Decree 31/2021/ND-CP dated March 26, 2021.

Circular 03/2021/TT-BKHDT dated April 9, 2021

Objects of reporting on investment activities

Accordingly the provisions of Clause 1, Article 72 of the Law on Investment in 2020, the following subjects must comply with the regime of reporting on investment activities:

  • Investors
  • Economic organizations implementing investment projects in accordance with the Law on Investment.

Content and reporting period of investment activities

Investors and economic organizations must comply with the reporting regime as follows:

Quarterly reports are made before the 10th day of the first month of the quarter; following the reporting quarter, including the following contents: realized investment capital, net revenue, exports, imports, labor, taxes and budget payments, land and water use situation.

The annual report is made before March 31 of the following year of the reporting year; including the targets of the quarterly report and the targets of profit, income of employees, expenditures and investments for scientific research technology research and development, environmental treatment and protection, technology origin used.

Investment activity report form

Economic organizations implementing investment projects submit online reports through the National Investment Information System.

After granting the Investment Registration Certificate, the investor should contact the Investment Registration Certificate issuer to get an account and password, log in to and make a report.

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Related questions

The time limit for investment monitoring and evaluation reports?

– For 6-month reports: Submit reports before July 10 of the reporting year.
– For the whole year report: Send the report before February 10 of the following year.

Rights of foreign investors?

Firstly, be assured of capital and assets under their ownership;
Secondly, to transfer profits, principal, and interests of foreign loans, investment capital, money, and other assets under their lawful ownership to their home country; or another country;
Thirdly, to reach an agreement with the business cooperation party; the Vietnamese joint-venture party on choosing the form of arbitration; or court to settle disputes arising in the investment process;
Besides, enjoy the customs regime, entry, residence, and travel in Vietnam; accordingly the provisions of the competent state agencies of Vietnam

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