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Vaccine passports in Vietnam for foreigners

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The prolonged Covid-19 epidemic has seriously affected the world economy. In order to overcome the economic consequences of Covid-19, Some nations have begun to issue vaccine passports to the people. So, how are the vaccine passports in Vietnam for foreigners work? Let’s find out in this article with LSX Law firm.

Official Letter 2974/LS-PL


Presently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is cooperating with relevant agencies to develop criteria and recognition mechanisms that permit the direct use of Certificate of Immunization/Vaccine Passport in Vietnam.

In the coming time, the Consular Department has proposed that the overseas Vietnamese representative agencies follow the following cases:

If the Certificate of Immunization; The certificate of recovery from Covid-19 has not been officially recognized 

In this case, the authorized agency will carry out the consular legalization procedures, or confirm the person’s certificate; allowing them to enter Vietnam.

If the Certificate of Immunization The certificate of recovery from Covid-19 has been officially introduced through diplomatic channels.

In this case, the representative agency will notify the vaccinated person to bring the certificate directly into the country, the domestic agencies will consider and compare it with the recognized Certificate form.

List of Immunization Certificate Forms; and Certificate of recovery from Covid-19 from abroad; introduced through diplomatic channels

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Frequently Asked Question

Questions What is a vaccine passport?

A vaccine passport is a certificate of having fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

What are the benefits of a vaccine passport?

Firstly, The COVID-19 vaccine passport allows people to track their own or family members’ vaccination history through vaccinations. 

Secondly, Vaccine passports help management agencies gather information and data to serve the COVID-19 vaccination programs and provide tools to monitor information about people immuned to COVID-19.

What are the advantages of a vaccine passport for people going abroad?

When going abroad, people can scan the QR-code from the vaccine passport in order to access the right data source, and authenticate information about the person’s vaccination. Also, the management of the people’s health record system, which integrates vaccination information, creating good conditions for people to vaccinate but also controlling their movement in the epidemic.

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