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VISA extension procedures for foreign tourists stuck in Vietnam

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VISA extension procedures for foreign tourists “stuck” in Vietnam because of the epidemic situation. Proceed to extend the visa to avoid being penalized when the visa has expired. Customers want to know about the procedure and what documents for this procedure? Please refer to the following article of LSX Law firm

When should foreign tourists have VISA extention in Vietnam?

It is necessary to apply for a travel VISA extension if the VISA expires but cannot leave the country. In such cases, tourists will consider extending for VISA.

However, in the current period, the epidemic strain led to some tourists be “stuck” in Vietnam. This raises the issue of must extend their visa.

After the tour, Viet Nam allows international tourists stuck in Vietnam to extend their stay for another 30 days. However, it must be for the following objective reasons:


Airlines stop flights;

Closed border.

Foreign tourists are entering the country on a tourist visa. Once expired temporary residence but no agency or organization guarantee. Unable to leave the country for objective reasons as mentioned above. In this case, they can make an extension. 

What are VISA extension procedures for foreign tourists “stuck” in Vietnam?

Procedures for extending VISA for foreign visitors will be carried out through the following steps:

Step 1: Request an extension

When realizing that the time limit on VISA is about to expire (less than ten days), send a request for a VISA extension to the Embassy or Consulate-General.

Step 2: Prepare documents.

Once competent authority accepted the request, visitors need to prepare the following documents:

Original passport, valid for at least 06 months;

An application form for extension;

Photo size 4×6;

Documents proving the time of entry into Vietnam;

Some other documents (proving the reason for applying for extension)

After preparing enough documents, tourists bring the documents to submit to the guarantee travel company or bring them to the nearest Immigration Department.

Step 3: Wait for the result.

Once the tourist’s profile has been accepted and valid. Tourists have to wait. Results will have within five working days from the date of receipt of valid documents. 

Notes when doing VISA extension procedures for foreign tourists stuck in Vietnam

Overdue VISA will lead to the following consequences:

Administrative fines;

Deporting if it is serious.

However, cases of temporary overstay of fewer than ten days due to objective reasons or force majeure will be exempted. However, there must be documents to prove the reason stated.

So, when you realize that your VISA card is about to expire, you need to carry out VISA extension procedures to avoid penalties! 

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Related questions

Which cases are foreigners prioritized for a visa to enter Vietnam during the Covid 19 epidemic?

– Foreigners holding diplomatic or official passports;
– Foreigners are investors;
– Highly skilled Foreigners and experts;
– Foreigners are business managers;
– Cases of foreigners entering the same family;
– Students, international students study at schools in the education system of Vietnam.

What are the conditions to apply for an extension?

To be able to request an extension for a tourist VISA, you must ensure the following conditions:
– At least 06 months left from the time of renewal
– The original passport must have at least 02 anti- pages

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