Conditions for Karaoke service business to foreigners in Vietnam

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During the social distancing days of the Covid-19; the law has banned many non-essential services from operating; including karaoke service business. This is considered a hindrance of foreign investors to karaoke services. However; if one day; the Covid-19 gets better; then what are the conditions for Karaoke service business to foreigners in Vietnam? LSX Lawfirm will give you this article, as follows:

Decree No. 54/2019/ND-CP

What does Karaoke service business?

Karaoke service business; means a location that provides services that involve sound; lighting; music; lyrics and pictures displayed on the screens; (or by similar means) to serve singing activities at a location eligible for karaoke operation.

Rules for karaoke service business

Firstly; an enterprise or household business may only operate a karaoke establishment after having been granted with the license for karaoke venue; and ensuring the conditions; and in other related regulations and law.

Secondly; not only ensure public security, order; but also life, health, pride and belongings of the participants of karaoke venues.

Thirdly; do not abuse the business operation to allow the appearance of social evils; criminals and other misconducts.

Conditions for Karaoke service business to foreigners in Vietnam

Firstly; be an enterprise or household business that is established as specified by regulations and law.

Secondly; ensure fire safety; then; public security and order as specified in Decree No. 96/2016/ND-CP dated July 01; 2016 of the Government on security; then order conditions of conditional business lines.

Thirdly; have singing rooms with usable areas of 20 square meters or larger; excluding the auxiliary works.

Finally; ensure no door locks or alarming devices (except fire alarm) are installed inside the singing rooms.

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Responsibilities of owners of Karaoke service business?

Use only songs that have been licensed and permitted.
Comply with labor code for workers. Provide the workers with uniforms and name tags.
Ensure noise isolation of the singing rooms or dance floors are in conformity with National Technical Regulation on noise.

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