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Conditions for naturalization of foreigners in Vietnam

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“I am a foreign citizen, I want to naturalize in Vietnam, so what are the conditions for me to become a citizen of your country in the fastest and most correct way?”

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Law on Vietnamese Nationality 2008

Naturalization of foreigners in Vietnam

What is the naturalization of foreigners in Vietnam?

Naturalization of Vietnam means that a foreigner can acquire Vietnamese nationality.

Conditions for naturalization of foreigners in Vietnam


Foreign nationals and stateless persons permanently residing in Vietnam. If they have file applications for Vietnamese nationality, the law shall permit them for naturalization in Vietnam; just meet the following conditions:

  • Have the full civil act capacity as prescribed by Vietnam’s laws
  • Obey the Constitution and laws of Vietnam; respecting the traditions, customs and practices of the Vietnamese nation
  • Understand Vietnamese sufficiently enough to integrate themselves into the Vietnamese community
  • Have resided in Vietnam for 5 years or more by the time of application for naturalization
  • Be capable of making their livelihood in Vietnam.

You can refer to the article: How to apply for Vietnamese nationality with stateless persons


Those who apply for Vietnamese nationality without having to fully meet the conditions such as: understand Vietnamese fluently, reside for 5 years or more and adapt alive here. Then, they fall into one of the following cases:

  • Be spouses, natural parents or natural offsprings of Vietnamese citizens
  • Have made meritorious contributions to Vietnam’s national construction and defense
  • Be helpful to the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


Persons naturalized in Vietnam shall renounce their foreign nationality, except for those defined in part 2 (secondly) if the President permit them.

Notice that, persons applying for Vietnamese nationality must have Vietnamese names. In addition, these names may be selected by the applicants and written in the decisions on naturalization in Vietnam.

Persons applying for Vietnamese nationality may not be permitted for naturalization if such naturalization is detrimental to Vietnam’s national interests.

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Related questions

If a foreigner lived in Vietnam 2 years, how long will he/she be naturalized in Vietnam?

At least 5 years.

If my country has a conflict with Vietnam, will I be able to naturalize?

Absolutely, if you are not detrimental to Vietnam’s national interests.

If the wife is a Vietnamese citizen and the husband is a Swiss citizen, he has acquired Vietnamese citizenship. So, has he been stripped of his Swiss citizenship?

No. According to the law of Vietnam, if you are the husband of the women whose nationality is Vietnam, you can completely retain your nationality.

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