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Consultancy service on marriage procedures with Vietnamese

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Foreigners marrying Vietnamese are becoming more and more popular. How can a foreigner marry a Vietnamese? LSX Law Firm wants to offer you our consultancy service on marriage procedures with Vietnamese.

  • Law on civil status 2014;
  • Decision 1872/QD-BTP dated September 4, 2020;
  • Decree 123/2015/ND-CP dated November 15, 2015;
  • Circular 04/2020/TT-BTP dated May 28, 2020;

What is a foreigner?

  • Foreigner is a person who has the nationality of another country and is working; studying, doing business; living in the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Stateless person is a person who has no nationality of a country but is residing in the territory of Vietnam.

In Vietnam, all citizens are equal in administrative legal capacity; regardless of skin color, religion or profession. However, the scope of a foreigner’s rights and obligations is much narrower than that of Vietnamese citizens.

The order and procedures for marriage registration with a Vietnamese:

So, the person requesting the registration shall submit the marriage registration dossier at the competent district-level People’s Committee.

Then, the recipient agency is responsible for immediately checking the entire dossier, comparing the information in the declaration and the validity of the papers in the dossier submitted and presented by the requester, according to which:

  • If the dossier is complete and valid , the person receiving the dossier writes a receipt, clearly stating the date and time to return the results. If the application is incomplete, the applicant will need to supplement and complete the application as prescribed;
  • Where it is not possible to supplement the documents immediately, the recipient must make a guiding document. In which, the guiding document must clearly state the type of paper, content to be supplemented and perfected.

The Justice Department conducts research and verification of marriage registration documents. If necessary, the Justice Department will work directly with the parties to clarify their identities, voluntary marriage, and marriage purposes. If the application is valid, the parties are eligible for marriage as prescribed. The Justice Department shall report to the Chairman of the district-level People’s Committee for consideration and decision.

  • In case the Chairman of the People’s Committee agrees to the settlement, sign 02 original copies of the Marriage Certificate. The Justice Department organizes the awarding of marriage certificates to both male and female parties; each person keeps 1 copy.


  • In case 60 days are over, both parties do not come to receive the paper. The Chairman of the district-level People’s Committee cancels the signed marriage certificate.
  • If then the two parties who still want to get married must go through the marriage registration procedure from the start.

Dossier for marriage procedures with Vietnamese:

So, about the application for registration. By directly submitting 1 set of documents without VBUQ of the other party at the

  • People’s Committee of the district where the Vietnamese citizen resides.
  • The district-level People’s Committee of the place where either party resides shall register the marriage.

The male or female side can carry out procedures for marriage registration with a foreigner.

Personal papers to be presented:

Documents to be presented include:

  • Passport or ID card or CCCD card.
  • Other papers with photo stickers; personal information; valid to prove the identity of Vietnamese citizens.


  • Foreigners present the original passport to prove their identity; or present an international travel document or residence card.
  • Proof of residency (during the transition period).

The required forms for marriage procedures with Vietnamese:

The marriage registration declaration according to the form, with sufficient information of both the male and female parties. Both male and female parties can make a joint declaration of marriage registration.

Papers attached to the declaration include:

  • Certification of a competent Vietnamese medical organization; foreign countries confirm that the parties have full control of their actions and decisions;
  • Papers proving the marital status of foreigners issued by competent authorities.


  • In case the foreign country does not issue a certificate of marital status, it must be replaced with a document issued by a foreign competent authority certifying that the person is eligible for marriage according to the law of that country.

The use-value of papers proving the marital status of foreigners shall be determined according to the duration stated on such papers.

  • If the papers proving marital status do not have an expiry date, this paper and the medical organization’s certification are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
  • Foreigners must submit a copy of their passport/passport replacement document.
  • Certificate of marital status of Vietnamese citizens residing in the country (during the transition period).

Consultancy service on marriage procedures with Vietnamese

LSX Law Firm offers you our consultancy service on marriage procedures with Vietnamese. When using our service, we will guide you through all the legal procedures of marrying a Vietnamese. You won’t have to worry about anything, all you need to do is signing.

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