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Contract of production and installation in Vietnam

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Sample contract for manufacturing and installing machinery and equipment, providing installation services for the entire work or home technology equipment system is specified, including what content, invites the You can follow the sample contract for production and installation in Vietnam below by Lawyer X.

  • Civil Code 2015
  • Commercial Law 2005

Contract manufacturing and installation

Contract for the manufacture and installation of machinery and equipment is a contract for the supply of components and overall equipment accompanied by installation services at home and at the construction site with many equipment systems for different purposes. , such as surveillance systems, cameras, alarm systems, fire alarms, identification systems, magnetic cards.

Role of Manufacturing and Installation Contracts

The contract for the production and installation of machinery and equipment is signed between the product, goods and service supplier and the person who needs to use it. The contract brings together the responsibilities and agreements of the parties in writing to ensure a legal corridor and safety for all future disputes.

Instructions for drafting production and installation contracts

Production and installation contracts are not difficult to establish, besides the terms of quantity, quality, origin, delivery, price, the parties can add some terms of warranty, tracking , maintenance to avoid inadequacies later.

Handing over technological equipment in the correct quantity, quality, location, time, packing, preservation, origin and other agreements in the contract; after handover and acceptance, test operation of technological equipment when operating in coordination with other systems.

Responsibility to provide all necessary information about technological equipment; guiding the installation, use, operation, preservation and maintenance of technological equipment; training managers and workers to operate and use the works (if any);

Conditions for establishing an automobile manufacturing and assembling company

Step 1: Establish a company at the Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment where the enterprise’s head office is located.

The time to complete is from 04 to 06 working days, including the procedures for engraving the seal and posting the seal posting on the National Business Registration Portal.

Accordingly, it is necessary to apply the following industry codes in the application for registration of the establishment of an automobile manufacturing and assembling company as follows:

Industry nameCode
Wholesale of automobiles and other motor vehicles4511
Retail of passenger cars (type 12 seats or less)4512
Dealers of cars and other motor vehicles 4513
Maintenance and repair of cars and other motor vehicles 4520
Sale of spare parts and accessories for automobiles and other motor vehicles 45304530
Selling motorbikes and motorbikes 4541
Maintenance and repair of motorcycles and motorbikes 4542
Sale of spare parts and auxiliary parts of motorcycles and motorbikes 4543
Motor vehicle rental7710
Manufacture of motorcycles and motorbikes 3091
Other business support service activities that have not yet been classified Details:
– Import and export of business products
8299, Article 28 of the 2005 Commercial Law
The following industry codes in automobile production and assembly

Step 2: Prepare the conditions to apply for the Certificate of eligibility for automobile production and assembly.

Enterprises established in accordance with the law shall be granted a Certificate of eligibility to manufacture and assemble automobiles when meeting the following conditions:


Enterprises must have legal use rights to workshops, assembly technology lines, welding lines, paint lines, product quality inspection lines and automobile test lines that meet the minimum requirements in consists of;

General factory requirements

The factory is built on the land under the legal use right of the enterprise.

The workshop must have enough area to arrange production, assembly and inspection lines in accordance with the technological process of automobile production and assembly according to the investment project.

Workshop floors must be painted with anti-slippery paint or have other measures to prevent slipping and have demarcation lines to distinguish safe passageways and areas for installation and arrangement of production lines.

The overall technological process diagrams and each stage of production and assembly must be arranged in a place where it is convenient to implement, monitor and control the process.

Workshops must be equipped with other ancillary equipment and systems in service of production and assembly, such as: Industrial electricity system – domestic electricity; industrial – domestic water supply system; ventilation system; compressed air supply and distribution system; Backup generators, parking lots, collection areas, disposal of waste products.

Assembly technology line

Enterprises must equip and install assembly technology lines including: Assembling chassis, bodywork, assembling complete components and assembling cars according to the technological process stated in the investment project.

The frame and body assembly line must be equipped with at least the following main equipment:

Lifting and lowering systems, specialized push-carts on the line, guide rail systems for trolleys;

Welding jigs for the left side, right side, hood, floor, rear of the vehicle and for mounting frame and shell assemblies for passenger cars; jigs for welding and mounting the longitudinal and transverse beams of the frame for passenger cars;

Specialized jigs for coupling arrays and assemblies of automobile shells to the frame;
Fixtures for attaching cargo boxes to the body for trucks;

Additional equipment and repairs included.

The assembly line and car assembly includes: Assemble the components, chassis, rear axle, front axle and engine into the frame, main control panels, interior equipment and systems. doors up and down, doors next to the car body,

The quantity, type and technical characteristics of the equipment, tools and jigs for the assembly line must be suitable to the product category and output scale in the investment project.

Welding line

Enterprises must equip welding lines suitable for each type of automobile, but at least the following main equipment must be equipped:

Welding machines, welding equipment and specialized jigs.

The system of lifting, lowering, transporting the dedicated pusher on the chain.

Welding jigs for car body panels.

Paint Line

Enterprises must have suitable automatic or semi-automatic coating lines, including the following main stages:

Surface cleaning and treatment;

Washing, demineralization and volume conditioning;

Electrolytic dipping paint, spray paint, pressure paint, drying;


Decorative paint, top coat polish and wax to protect paint.

Technical requirements for paint technology:

For passenger cars: The body of the car must be electrolytically dipped in the inner layer; the outer layer of the car body is spray-painted;

For passenger cars: The body of the car must be electrolytically dipped in whole or in part before being painted;

For trucks: The car cabin is electrolytically dipped inside and spray painted on the outside; The car frame is spray painted.

Enterprises must be fully equipped with equipment to check paint quality criteria such as: thickness, gloss, surface adhesion.

Product quality inspection line

The product quality inspection line must be equipped with specialized testing equipment for each stage of assembly and testing equipment for factory standards according to current regulations, including safety and concentration criteria. emissions.

The measuring and quality inspection equipment in the process of automobile production and assembly must meet the provisions of the law on measurement.

Enterprises must equip a computer system to store the test results of factory-assembled cars.

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Car test track

General requirements

All automobiles manufactured and assembled by enterprises must be tested on an automobile test track that meets the minimum technical requirements specified in this Decree. Test results must be stored on the enterprise’s quality management system.

The vehicle test track has a minimum length of 800 m, ensuring the technical requirements to check the quality of manufactured and assembled vehicles before being shipped on the following types of roads: Flat road (the type of road with square road surface). perpendicular to the median plane of the vehicle and straight in the direction of the vehicle’s travel), gravel road (a type of road covered with gravel), rough road (a type of road with many uneven protrusions) on the surface), wavy line (a type of road with many uneven protrusions on the surface), uphill slope (a type of road with a slope of at least 20% in both uphill and downhill directions) , wet smooth road (a type of road designed with a coefficient of friction smaller than that of a flat road), cornering road (a type of road with a partial shape of an arc).

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Frequently asked questions

Signing the contract of production and installation of equipment orally is effective?

A civil transaction contract in the case of equipment purchase and sale that can be established orally is still valid and protected according to the provisions of law as for the written form.

How is the contract for the production and installation of invoicing equipment?

The issuance of VAT invoices with the Equipment Sales and Installation Contract must comply with the provisions of the current Tax Law, and units can use either paper or electronic VAT invoices.

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