Dossier for investment registration in the form of PPP projects in Vietnam

by QuynhHuong

Hence PPP projects appear to be fairly different from other forms of investment, understanding its registration procedure is crucial. Therefore, this article will give you a list of the dossier for investment registration in the form of PPP projects which you might need to prepare.

  • Circular 06/2016/TT-BKHDT

What is PPP project?

Thus the Circular 06/2016/TT-BKHDT, a PPP project is a collection of proposals related to investment to provide public products or services through the implementation of one or more of the following activities:

  • Construction, operation and business of infrastructure works and systems
  • Renovating, upgrading, expanding, modernizing, operating and trading existing infrastructure works and systems
  • Operating and trading existing works and infrastructure systems

Dossier for investment registration in the form of PPP project

Due to the regulation in Circular 06/2016/TT-BKHDT, a dossier for investment registration in the form of a PPP project must include:

  • Request for an Investment Registration Certificate
  • Investment agreement, draft project contract, draft contract related to project implementation (if any)
  • Project approval decision, feasibility study report (notarized copy)
  • Approval of the policy of using the State’s investment capital to participate in the project implementation
  • Joint venture contract between investors
  • Charter of the project enterprise (if any)
  • Document approving the results of investor selection for project contract negotiation by a competent person.

Moreover, the investors must prepare 5 dossiers for the registration; in order to carry on the registration procedure.

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What is the definition of a PPP contract?

PPP contract is an abbreviation of an investment contract in the form of corporate partnership thus Clause 8 Article 3 of the Law on Investment 2014. Basically, this is the type of contract signed between a competent state agency and an investor, project enterprise. When investing in this form, investors sign contracts with competent state agencies and Vietnamese investors to implement, manage and operate the project.

What is the time to apply for investment registration in the form of PPP?

After the investment project proposal, the feasibility study report was approved and the parties signed the investment agreement and project contract.

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