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Entry, exit, and residence of foreigners in border economic zones

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Entry, exit, and residence of foreigners in border economic zones. Foreigners in border gate economic zones. What are the terms and conditions? Please refer to the following article of LSX Lawfirm

Joint Circular 03/2016/TTLT-BCA-BQP

Joint Circular 03/2016/TTLT-BCA-BQP is guiding the inspection and control of entry and exit, management of foreigners’ residence, visa issuance, and issuance of sightseeing permits to foreigners in border economic zones; inspect, control and supervise means of transporting foreign goods in and out of border economic zones and seaports in economic zones.

Conditions for entry and exit at the border economic zones

Foreigners entering the border economic zone must have one of the following papers:

  • Passport or valid international travel document with validity of at least 06 months;
  • Valid border passports and other valid papers prescribed by Law and under international treaties between Vietnam and neighboring countries, which are still valid for at least 45 days.

In addition, foreigners are not subject to the cases of “not allowed entry,” “temporary suspension of exit” specified in the Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam. Specifically, the Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam 2014 has the following provisions:

Cases not allowed entry:

Firstly, failing to meet the conditions specified in Clause 1, Article 20 of the Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam 2014;
Secondly, children under 14 years old, not accompanied by a parent, guardian, or authorized person;
And forging papers, making false statements in order to be granted valid papers on entry, exit, and residence;
Persons who have a mental illness or infectious diseases that endanger public health;
Additional, expelled from Vietnam for less than 03 years from the effective date of the decision on expulsion;
Forced to leave Vietnam within 06 months from the effective date of the decision on forced exit;
Furthermore, for reasons of disease prevention and control, natural disasters; For reasons of national defense, security, social order, and safety.

Cases of suspension of exit and duration of suspension of exit:

Firstly, being the accused, defendants, persons with related obligations in criminal cases or being defendants, sued persons, persons with related obligations in civil, commercial, labor or administrative cases, Marriage, and family;

Moreover, obliged to abide by the court’s judgment or decision or the decision of the Competition Handling Council;
Not fulfill the tax payment obligation;
Next, obliged to execute the decision on sanctioning of administrative violations;
For defense and security reasons.

The above cases do not apply to persons serving prison sentences escorted abroad to provide evidence as prescribed in Article 25 of the Law on Mutual Legal Assistance.

Principles of entry, exit, and residence in border economic zones

Firstly, foreigners entering border economic zones may stay temporarily for no more than 15 days.

Next, foreigners may temporarily stay at accommodation establishments in border economic zones, except for prohibited areas, where activities are suspended inland border areas or prohibited and restricted areas in the sea border.

Additionally, for Chinese citizens using ordinary electronic passports, follow separate instructions of the Ministry of Public Security.

Moreover, foreigners entering a border economic zone may have that border economic zone stamped (made according to form No. 01/KC issued together with Joint Circular 03/2016/TTLT-BCA-BQP).

Furthermore, foreigners who use passports or valid international travel documents; subject to the subjects specified in Joint Circular 03/2016/TTLT-BCA-BQP, temporarily reside in the border economic zone. Suppose they wish to travel to other areas of Vietnam. In that case, they must be guaranteed by an international travel agency of Vietnam to carry out procedures with the immigration management agency of the Ministry of Public Security for visa consideration.

Foreigners using border passports or other documents; if they wish to go to other places in the province with border economic zones; must be guaranteed by Vietnam’s international travel agencies to carry out procedures; and the entry and exit management agency of the Ministry of Public Security considers granting a visit permit; (made according to form No. 03/GP issued together with Joint Circular 03/2016/TTLT-BCA-BQP). They are not settled for sightseeing tours to other localities within Vietnam.

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