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General regulations on environmental protection in Vietnam

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General concept of a protective environment in Vietnam. General regulations on environmental protection in Vietnam. Basic knowledge about principles of environmental protection in Vietnam. Let us learn about this topic with LSX law firm as follow:

General concept of a protective environment in Vietnam

Environment is a concept with extremely broad content. In life, people use many environmental concepts such as pedagogical environment, social environment, educational environment… Environment according to the usual definition; means the general set of natural and social conditions in which a person or a being exists, develops in relation to that person or creature”; is “a combination of the whole scene or external conditions affecting the existence, development of an entity”.

The environment used in the field of legal science is a relationship between man and nature; in which the environment is as the factors, circumstances, and natural conditions surrounding people.

Environmental protection means activities organized for the purpose of keeping the environment clean and beautiful; helping balance the ecological system and improve the living environment of organisms in general and humans in particular through the work to prevent; and overcome the bad consequences caused by geniuses and humans.

Thus, we can redefine: Protective environment is our own protective life. 

Foreigners want to invest capital in Vietnam, besides preparing documents for foreign investors need to prepare in Vietnam, they must care about the project’s impact on the environment. So, foreigners should know general regulations on environment in Vietnam, as well as Procedures for applying for environmental permits in Vietnam; LSX Law firm is pleased to provide some knowledge of environmental protection.

General regulations on environmental protection in Vietnam

As a legal term, environmental protection was established in the mid-twentieth century, in industrialized countries. At first, environmental protection was only synonymous with conservation; then expanded to include the exploitation and rational use of resources and improvement of the living environment of people and creature systems.

In the 2005 Law on Environmental Protection; environmental protection activities are activities to aim the environment fresh, clean, and beautiful; preventing and limiting adverse impacts on the environment, responding to environmental incidents; overcoming pollution and degradation; restoring and improving the environment; exploiting, rationally and economically use natural resources, protect biodiversity. Thus, environmental protection is both understood as protecting the quality of the environment in general; and protecting the quality of each environmental component such as soil protection, forest protection; water resource protection, aquatic resource protection, etc. products, protect biodiversity…

Environmental risks are especially hot in developing countries where the needs of people’s daily lives and the development needs of society strongly conflict with the need to protect natural resources and the environment. Vietnam is right in the ranks of developing countries and is also facing environmental problems.

Environmental protection today has become one of the important policies of our Party and State. By different measures and policies; our State is strongly interfering in the activities of individuals and organizations in society to protect the elements of the environment; prevent environmental pollution, degradation, and incidents. Among the measures that the State uses, the law plays a particularly important role. The emergence and increasing role of environmental laws and regulations since the country’s transition to a market economy is a clear manifestation of the urgency of environmental issues and leads to all the consequences. It is essential to train and educate citizens in the knowledge of environmental laws. 

Environmental protection principles in Vietnam

Pursuant to Article 4 of the Law on Environmental Protection stipulates the principles of environmental protection as follows:

Firstly, environmental protection is the right, obligation, and responsibility of all agencies, organizations, communities, households, and individuals.

Secondly, environmental protection is a central and prerequisite condition, foundation, and factor for sustainable socio-economic development. Environmental protection activities must be linked with economic development and resource management and be considered and evaluated during the implementation of development activities.

Thirdly, environmental protection is in harmony with social security; children’s rights, gender equality, ensuring everyone’s right to live in a healthy environment.

Moreover, environmental protection activities must be conducted regularly, openly, and transparently; Prioritize forecasting, prevention of pollution, incidents and environmental degradation; management of environmental risks, reduction of generation and waste, increased reuse and recycling of waste to exploit the value of resources. source of waste.

In addition, environmental protection must be consistent with laws, natural characteristics, culture, history, market mechanism, level of socio-economic development; promote the development of ethnic minority areas and mountainous areas.

Furthermore, agencies, organizations, residential communities, households; and individuals benefiting from the environment are obliged to make financial contributions to environmental protection activities; causing pollution, incidents, and environmental degradation must pay; compensate for damage; remedy, handle and bear other responsibilities according to the provisions of law.

Finally, environmental protection activities must ensure not to harm national sovereignty, security, and interests, associated with regional and global environmental protection.

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What is the usual definition of an environment?

In general, the environment, by its usual definition, is the general set of natural and social conditions in which a person or an organism exists and develops in relation to that person or organism’; is “the total combination of external circumstances or conditions that affect the existence and development of an entity”

How can environmental protection proceed at different levels?

Environmental protection can proceed at different levels, including individual, community, local, regional, national, sub-regional, regional, also global levels.

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