Procedure to apply for a marriage visa in Australia

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Legal advice on marriage with foreigners. Procedure to apply for a marriage visa in Australia. What is an Australian Marriage Visa? Documents to prepare to apply for a marriage visa in Australia. Let us learn about this topic with LSX law firm as follow:

What is an Australian Marriage Visa?

The Australian Marriage Visa (also known as the Partner Visa) is a visa issued exclusively to applicants whose spouses or lovers live in Australia. With this visa, you can enjoy the benefits of an Australian permanent resident.

There are two types of Australian marriage visa: for applicants within Australia (onshore) and for applicants outside Australia (offshore).

In case of applying for a visa within Australia: Visa 820/801

In case of applying for a visa outside Australia: Visa 309/100

What is Visa 820/801?

– Visa 820 (also known as visa 820 Australia) is a temporary residence visa for marriage. To be granted this visa, the relationship between husband and wife or as husband and wife must be at least 1 year. Furthermore, the applicant must be within Australia at the time of application.

– Visa 801 (visa 801 Australia) is a permanent resident visa that allows the sponsored person to stay in Australia as a permanent resident. This is stage two of the Australian 820 visa.

– Visa 820/801 is a marriage visa filed within Australia. This visa allows an eligible New Zealand citizen, Australian citizen/permanent resident to sponsor his/her spouse to live in Australia.

Conditions to apply for for a marriage visa in Australia

To apply for an Australian marriage visa under the 820/801 visa, you need to meet the following conditions:

– For Australian visa 820:

The sponsor must be an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen

The sponsored person must be 18 years of age or older and be in Australia at the time of application.

Marriage is recognized by Australian law and must live together

The relationship of both has existed for at least 12 months (if the marriage has not been registered) and must continue to last

Meet the Australian Government’s criminal record requirements.

– For visa 801:

Firstly, must have a temporary Australian 820 visa

Secondly, must continue the relationship with the sponsor unless the relationship ends because of special circumstances

Thirdly, must comply with Australian law while holding a temporary 820 visa.

Documents to prepare to apply for a marriage visa in Australia

To apply for an Australian marriage visa under subclass 820/801, you need to prepare the following documents:

– Personal documents:

Passport valid for at least 6 months, old passport (if any)

01 photo 4 x 6 cm white background, taken no more than 6 months

Birth certificate, identity card or citizen identification

Household registration book (all pages with information)

Proof of name change (if any)

National Police Certificate issued by the Australian federal police

Records of old relationships (if any)

In addition, for the sponsored person, it is also necessary to add: Notice of the person authorized to submit/receive the application according to the form, Military service record or discharge paper.

For sponsors need to prepare more: proof of Australian residency status (Australian passport, Australian citizenship certificate, Australian permanent resident card,…)

Documents proving the relationship include the following documents:

Proof of finances: Proof that the two of you share finances: pay bills together, share credit cards, bank accounts, etc.

Proof of living together: Proof that the two of you have lived together and shared common household chores

Documents proving that the relationship has been made public

Specific plans about children, work, life… in the future as proof of commitment.

Procedure to apply for a marriage visa in Australia

Firstly, prepare documents including documents that satisfy the conditions of visa 820 Australia and visa 801.

Secondly, submit the application for visa 820, visa 801 and fees for both at the same time.

Thirdly, if you pass the 820 visa, Australia will issue a temporary 820 visa.

Next, you must add documents after 2 years from the time you applied for the 820 Australian visa and are holding this visa.

Then, if you are eligible for the 801 visa, Australia will issue the 801 permanent resident visa.

Please read this article if you wonder about conditions to be able to apply for a Chinese marriage visa.

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