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Procedures applying for an entry visa to Vietnam during Covid-19

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Facing the increasingly complicated situation of Covid-19, the Vietnamese government proposed measures to prevent the epidemic, including restricting entry into the country. Therefore, the application for Visa during this period will be affected and subject to certain changes.

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Conditions and cases for granting entry visas to foreigners entering Vietnam in 2021 -2022

– Foreigners must have an organization or enterprise in Vietnam guaranteeing and committing to take responsibility for management when entering Vietnam.

– Foreigners must be experts, managers, and technical workers. They also be students and international students study at schools in the education system of Vietnam; Bearers of official passports, diplomatic, etc.

– PCR test Foreigners for SARS-CoV-2 within 03 days before the date of entry into Vietnam (except for special cases).

– Foreigners must undergo medical isolation according to regulations when entering Vietnam for a period of 7 days, 14 days or 21 days depending on the case.

– The People’s Committee or Department of Labor of the province or city on the policy approve the enterprise allowing foreigners to work.

– Having an appropriate medical isolation plan and approved and agreed by the Department of Health of the province or city where the foreigner intends to isolate.

A dossier of application for entry visa for foreigners in Vietnam period Covid-19

– An application form for a visa to enter Vietnam for foreigners (Form NA2)

– Official Dispatch of approval of the People’s Committee or the Department of Labor of the province. It is headquarters of the enterprise on the policy of allowing foreigners to work at the enterprise.

– The written approval of the isolation and medical isolation plan of the Department of Health of the province or city. It is where the foreigner is expected to be isolated.

– Confirmation of isolation Hotel’s rooms

– Air ticket

– The certificate of the organization or enterprise sending personnel to carry out the procedures for applying for an entry official.

Note about the use of the Vaccine Passport:

Some countries in the world have now allowed entry with the Vaccine passport. However, Vietnam has not yet allowed issuing an entry visa for vaccine passport holders. In addition, it is including people who have a certificate of vaccination against Covid 19. They come into Vietnam for commercial purposes, tourism, visiting relatives, etc.

Filing application for dispatch entry for foreigners where?

– The business is headquartered in Northern Filed Immigration Department 44 Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

– The business is headquartered in southern company filed at the Immigration Bureau No. 333 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, HCMC

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Related question

Has Vietnam issued vaccine visas to foreigners?

Currently, Vietnam has not issued vaccine visas to Vaccine Passport holders. The Vietnamese government is currently still applying for Vietnam visas in accordance with regulations during the period of Covid epidemic prevention.

Vietnam visa extension online?

Currently, Vietnam only issues online visa for the case of applying for an electronic visa to Vietnam, which applies to 80 countries and territories, Vietnam does not apply to the application for visa extension online. Foreigners in Vietnam must directly carry out visa application procedures at the Immigration Department or another person submits the application on behalf of the authorized person. In the case of a company, the company’s employees must directly pay, in case of a family member, the guarantor must directly pay or authorize.

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