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Procedures for business registration of selling solar power in Vietnam

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Considered one of the earth’s most precious renewable energy sources, sunlight has become a source of exploited and developed energy all over the world. Which, the most prominent is the construction and installation of a clean solar grid power system. What is the registration procedure for selling solar power? Lawyer X will answer your questions in the article below.

What are the terms of the solar power business?

To be able to invest in solar power projects, investors need to fully meet some of the following basic conditions:

For grid-connected solar power projects

– Solar power investors are only allowed to make investment projects included in the national and provincial solar power development planning. Or in the approved national and provincial electricity development planning.

– The content of a solar power investment project must comply with regulations on construction investment management and the following requirements:

– Accurately assess the effects of the solar power project connection plan on electricity located in the area.

– Owning equipment connected to the SCADA system or providing dispatching information to ensure the hourly forecast information of power output sent to the dispatching agency with a control authority.

– The capital ratio of owners of grid-connected solar power projects is not lower than 20%/total investment.

– The land-use area is not allowed to exceed 1.2 ha/1MWp.

For investment in rooftop solar power projects

Here are some conditions for rooftop solar power business that investors should not ignore:

– Rooftop solar power project with a capacity of less than 1 MW: The investor registers to connect with the power enterprise of the province/city directly under the Central Government with the main information including Technical parameters of the photovoltaic battery, expected power, AC converter parameters. If you want to ensure the safety of the grid, the DC to AC converter needs to have an anti-grid function when the grid is not powered. At the same time, ensure the standards of frequency and voltage as prescribed.

– For rooftop solar power projects, the capacity is greater than or equal to 1 MW. The investor needs to carry out several additional procedures for the solar and electricity development planning according to regulations.

– Usually, the provincial power company will coordinate with the investor to install 2-way meters and record specific electricity consumption. In addition, it also records the amount of solar power produced each month. The investment cost of the 2-way electricity meter will be paid by the provincial power company.

– Rooftop solar power projects need to apply a power purchase agreement according to the prescribed form.

Procedures for registering a business selling solar power.

Regulations on business registration make through the National Portal. The investor’s electronic registration dossiers will have the same legal validity as the paper documents. Specifically:

About how to do it

Individuals and organizations choose to use public digital signatures or use business registration accounts to register online.

The process of registering a solar power business electronically using a public digital signature

– The representative will declare information according to the law. After that, they have to download the electronic document, digitally sign the electronic registration application form and finally pay the fee online according to the process located at the National business registration portal.

– When completing the registration dossier, the legal representative will receive a receipt of the business registration dossier.

– In case of enough lawsuits, the business registration office will send information to the tax office to create a business code. Upon receiving the business code, the department will issue a business registration certificate.

Finally, they will notify the business clearly about the issuance of the business registration certificate. In case the dossier is not valid, the business registration office will send an electronic notice to request the enterprise to supplement or amend it.

The process of registering a solar power business using a business registration account

After that, the representative will receive a receipt of the business registration dossier via the electronic network.

At this time, the business registration office will be responsible for reviewing and sending it to the enterprise via the electronic network to request additional amendments if not valid. If the application is valid, the department will issue a certificate, then send the information to the tax office to apply for a business number. When receiving the business code, the department will notify the business electronically.

After receiving the business registration certificate, the legal representative will submit a paper registration dossier together with a receipt of the electronic registration dossier to the Sales Department.

The Business Registration Office will compare the entries in the dossier with the records of the enterprise that sent electronically. Finally, the department will award the business registration certificate if the content of the comparison agreed upon.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is solar power?

Solar power is electricity generated from converting sunlight into electricity using solar panels or from a solar power plant based on the principle of reflection to operate a boiler. Water turns turbines to generate electricity.

Great benefits from solar electricity?

Solar electricity is a source of electricity that is converted from sunlight energy into electricity, so first, we have a resource that can be considered inexhaustible to exploit.

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