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Procedures for paying health insurance premiums for foreigners in Vietnam

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Health insurance is one of the issues that foreigners care about when living and working in Vietnam for a long time. And the procedure to join health insurance is one of the indispensable steps when participating in health insurance. Therefore, LSX Lawfirm would like to share with you about this issue according to the article: “Procedures for paying health insurance premiums for foreigners in Vietnam”, as follows:

Law on Health insurance amended and supplemented in 2014

– Decision No. 888/QD-BHXH

Who is eligible for health insurance?

Pursuant to Clause 2, Article 1 of the Law on Health Insurance, amended and supplemented in 2014, it is stated: “This Law applies to domestic organizations and individuals and foreign organizations and individuals in Vietnam related to insurance medical”.

Accordingly, whether a domestic organization or individual or a foreign organization or individual in Vietnam can participate in health insurance, the law on health insurance does not discriminate against employees who are citizens. Vietnamese or foreign citizens, foreign workers are also subject to the current Health Insurance Law and must participate in health insurance if they fall under the cases prescribed by law.

Forms of participation in health insurance

There are two forms of health insurance participation: compulsory health insurance and voluntary health insurance.


Compulsory health insurance

Compulsory health insurance is a form of insurance that is applied to subjects prescribed by law for health care, not for profit, organized by the State (Clause 1, Article 2 of the Law on Medical Insurance). 01/VBHN-VPQH). Accordingly, there are currently 06 groups of subjects who must participate in health insurance, including:

– Firstly; groups paid by employees and employers.

– Secondly; the group is paid by the social insurance agency.

– Thirdly; groups paid by the State budget.

– Fourthly; groups receiving support from the State budget.

– Then; group participating in health insurance by household.

– Finally; The group is closed by the employer.

Voluntary health insurance

Voluntary health insurance is a form of insurance carried out by the state for non-profit purposes so that all people can receive health care when sick or ill from the health insurance fund. Those who have not participated in compulsory health insurance (HI) need to buy voluntary health insurance to reduce treatment costs if they have medical examination and treatment at medical facilities.

Note: According to the new regulations; from January 1, 2016 onwards; when people want to participate in voluntary health insurance; people must register as a household. In addition; voluntary health insurance will not be sold at medical examination and treatment facilities; but only registered in the locality of residence. For example; social insurance agency of the commune/ward/town where he/she resides; agents selling voluntary health insurance.

Procedures for participating in health insurance for foreigners

Join voluntary health insurance

Legal basis:

Official Letter No. 3170/BHXH-BT on making a list of households participating in health insurance.


+ Firstly; the TK1-TS declarations of members participating in health insurance are sent to the district social insurance agency.

+ Secondly; form DK01 declares information about family members; receives samples from heads of villages, hamlets, residential groups, communes, etc.

+ Thirdly; form DK04 declares the list of people who pay health insurance by themselves.

+ Fourthly; copy of household registration book or temporary residence book of the household.

+ In case a member already has a health insurance card; the original or a photocopy of the old health insurance card must be submitted for the insurance agency to deduct the premium when joining the household.


Depending on the individual participants, they must pay 4.5% of the base salary; monthly salary or monthly allowance. In which, the participants by household; the monthly payment is calculated as follows:

– The first person pays 4.5% of the base salary.

– The second person pays 70% of the first person’s rate.

– The third person pays 60% of the first person’s rate.

– The fourth person pays 50% of the first person’s rate.

– From the fifth person onwards, the payment is equal to 40% of the rate of the first person.

– Specifically, from July 1, 2019, the payment rates are as follows:

– The first person pays 67,050 VND/month.

– The second person pays 46,935 VND/month.

– The third person pays 40,230 VND/month.

– The fourth person pays 33,525 VND/month.

– From the fifth person onwards, pay 26,820 VND/month.


Firstly; present your identity card/citizen identification card (CCCD); household registration or temporary residence certificate.

Secondly;; submit application; documents and pay for voluntary health insurance according to regulations.

Thirdly; receive an appointment to return the results; based on the time limit on the appointment letter to come and receive the card.

Note: After 10 days from the date of submitting the complete application, the social insurance agency or the collection agent of social insurance will process and issue the health insurance card.

Compulsory health insurance


+ 02 copies of the list of participants in health insurance (form D03-TS)

+ 01 copy of the declaration of participation in social insurance and health insurance (Form TK1-TS).

Note: Regarding the monthly salary and wages stated in the labor contract in foreign currency, it is necessary to base on the interbank foreign currency market rate at different times (January 2 for the first 6 months of the year and January 1 of the year). July for the last 6 months of the year) announced by the State Bank to convert from USD to VND to participate in health insurance for employees.

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Step 1: Make a profile

Step 2: Send to the Insurance Agency in charge of the unit, enterprise, organization, etc. (Provincial Social Insurance; District/District)

Step 3: The social insurance agency receives the dossier and settles it according to regulations.

The monthly payment is equal to 4.5% of the monthly salary; of which the employer pays 3%; employees pay 1.5%. The monthly salary on which health insurance premiums are based is the salary stated in the labor contract; must not be lower than the regional minimum wage at the time of payment. If the monthly salary on which health insurance premiums are based; which is higher than 20 months’ basic salary; the monthly salary on which health insurance premiums are based is equal to 20 months’ base salary.

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In which case foreign workers are not required to participate in social insurance?

Employees who are foreign citizens working in Vietnam are not eligible to participate in compulsory social insurance for foreigners according to the provisions of this Decree; when falling into one of the following cases:
– Firstly; moving within the enterprise according to regulations.
– Secondly; the employee has reached the prescribed retirement age.

In case foreign workers participate in compulsory social insurance?

In case foreign workers participate in compulsory social According to Decree No. 143/2018/ND-CP of the Government.
Subjects participating in social insurance from December 1, 2018; employees who are foreign nationals working in Vietnam are eligible to participate in compulsory social insurance when:
Firstly; have a work permit or a practice certificate or a practicing license issued by a competent Vietnamese agency
Secondly; have an indefinite term labor contract; or a definite term labor contract from full 1 year or more with employers in Vietnam.

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