Registering trademark protection for foreign companies in Vietnam

by Anh Việt

Although a trademark is also a type of property, it is a special kind of property, especially in the possession, use and disposition of them due to the territorial nature of the mark. That is why today, countries around the world have built their own system of trademark registration and consider the trademark registration procedure as the most complete legal foundation for protection. a trademark in commerce. So about the matter “Registering trademark protection for foreign companies in Vietnam” Let’s find out with LSX in the article below.

Legal ground

  • The 2005 Law on Intellectual Property was amended and supplemented in 2019.

The concept of “trademark” and “brand”

Currently, the terms “brand” and “brand” are widely used in socio-economic life. However, not everyone understands these two terms correctly and there is conceptual confusion regarding these two terms as one.

Here are some points to clarify the above two concepts

From a legal perspective: The concept of “trademark” is codified internationally as well as by Vietnamese law, while “brand” is not a codified concept.

Trade mark as defined by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO): a mark is “a sign used to distinguish goods or services of the same or similar type of production establishments, different businesses”.

The Vietnam Intellectual Property Law also defines a mark as follows: a sign used to distinguish goods and services of different organizations and individuals (Clause 16, Article 4 of the Intellectual Property Law).

Brand is a new term widely used in our country in commerce and advertising, so it has become popular and used by the majority of people and is said to be equivalent to “brand”.

Thus, the terms “brand” and “brand” are used in different contexts, from a legal perspective we use “trademark”, while from a corporate governance perspective, the term brand is often used. .

Therefore, according to the law, only “trademark” is the subject of recognition and protection by a competent state agency through the granting of a protection title, also known as a registration certificate. while “brand” is created through the process of building and developing a business, helping to affirm its competitiveness and value in the market.

Creating a business’s brand can be one or a combination of the following factors, when those elements are widely known and create a certain reputation.

Characteristic words: usually trademarks, geographical indications, trade names of enterprises

Industrial Designs

Logos: are trademarks or part of a business’s image

Characteristic slogan (slogan)

Characteristic color

Unique design of the product

Sound, taste

Method of service, customer care

The registration and protection of trademarks have been prescribed in the Intellectual Property Law, but the object of the trademark is not legalized, so in order to protect the brand, the conduct of trademark protection of the enterprise is really necessary. set.

Trademarks and trademarks can in fact be valued to determine assets, contribute capital or transfer or transfer rights. But because they are not exactly the same in nature, businesses need a specific assessment to determine.

Registering trademark protection for foreign companies in Vietnam

Article 89 – Law on Intellectual Property stipulates: “Vietnamese organizations and individuals, foreign individuals permanently residing in Vietnam, and foreign organizations and individuals having production and business establishments in Vietnam shall submit application for registration of establishment of industrial property rights directly or through a legal representative in Vietnam. Foreign individuals who do not permanently reside in Vietnam, foreign organizations and individuals without production or business establishments in Vietnam, shall submit applications for registration of establishment of industrial property rights through their legal representatives in Vietnam. .”.

Thus, foreign individuals and organizations permanently/non-resident in Vietnam, with or without production facilities in Vietnam, have the right to trademark registration. However, customers need to note which subjects they belong to to determine who can file an application to establish rights.

Trademark registration documents for foreigners

Foreigners who want to register a trademark need to prepare the following basic documents:

– Full name and address, phone number of the applicant;

– Sample of trademark (not smaller than 3×3 cm, not exceeding 8×8 cm);

– List of products and services intended for trademark registration;

– Declaration of trademark registration;

– Power of attorney (provided by the representative when receiving the request);

– Proof of payment of trademark registration fee.

– Documents applying for priority right (if any).

Dossier for trademark registration and transaction documents

Note: Dossier for trademark registration and transaction documents between the applicant must be made in Vietnamese and in case the subject authorizes registration for a representative, it will have to add a Power of Attorney according to the law. Our samples are available.

# Step 1: Look up and assess the protectionability of the brand (logo)

• There are two trademark search options:

• First option: Submit a trademark template with the name of the business product or service

• The second option: Search online on the website of the National Office of Intellectual Property by following the link


• Search for similar cases of trademark: For example: baemin, baemi…etc

• Need to search for more similar services: For example: Phone, Buy and sell phones, Software….

# Step 2: Submit a trademark application to the NOIP

Dossier for Trademark Registration Includes

• Registration form

• Brand Model

• List of goods / services

• Name and address of the application owner (owner)

• Other documents to prove registration rights (If any)

Reception Office:

• The applicant can submit the application directly at the National Office of Intellectual Property in Hanoi or the Representative Office of the National Office of Intellectual Property in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City.

• Submit an application by post to the National Office of Intellectual Property or the representative agency of the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

# Step 3: Follow up the trademark registration dossier at the National Office of Intellectual Property

Check the compliance with the regulations on the form of the application, thereby making a conclusion whether the application is considered valid or not (Make a decision to accept the valid application / refuse to accept the application.

+ In case the application is valid, the NOIP shall issue a decision to accept the valid application;

+ In case the application is invalid, the NOIP shall issue a notice of its intention to refuse to accept the valid application, clearly stating the reasons and omissions that cause the application to be rejected and setting a time limit. 2 months for the applicant to comment or correct the omission. If the applicant fails to correct the omissions/unsatisfactorily corrects the omissions/has no objections/unwarranted objections, the NOIP shall issue a decision to refuse to accept the application.

After there is a decision to accept the valid application, the application will be published in the Industrial Property Official Gazette.

Assess the protection ability of the object stated in the application according to the protection conditions, thereby determining the corresponding scope of protection.

# Step 4: Issue a certificate of protection or respond to a refusal notice

At the end of the substantive examination of the application at Step 3 #, the NOIP will issue one of two notices:

• Notify the results of substantive examination: Agree to issue the certificate and the organization or individual pays the fee for the certification within the prescribed time limit.

• Notice of rejection of part or all of a trademark application. Depending on the denial, the applicant may choose one of the following response options:

+ Analyze and answer that NOIP’s conclusion is not convincing.

+ Remove part of the brand or product / service category to protect the rest.

+ Obtain the consent letter of the trademark owner cited.

+ Cancellation of the cited trademark.

# Step 5: Renew the validity of the trademark registration certificate

Trademark registration certificates are valid for 10 years from the filing date. The applicant can extend the validity before 06 months or 06 months after the certificate expires.

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Frequently asked questions

Where to file for trademark registration?

Individuals and organizations can submit a paper trademark registration application by post or directly at the Office of the National Office of Intellectual Property in Hanoi or the representative office of the NOIP in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Nang. In addition, you can submit your application online through the National Office of Intellectual Property’s online public service portal by following the link

Cost of trademark registration, exclusive trademark?

The fee for filing a trademark registration application for a group of 6 products and services is 1,000,000 VND/group.
• Fee for trademark registration: 150,000 VND
• Application publication fee: 120,000 VND
• Search fee for content appraisal: 180,000 VND/group of products and services
• Content appraisal fee: 550,000 VND/group of products and services
• Content appraisal fee for the 7th product/service onwards: 120,000 VND/product or service.
Thus, the total cost of trademark registration is VND 1,000,000/group of products and services.
If registering trademarks from 2 groups of products and services or more, from the second group, the fee will be 730,000 VND/group.

What are the benefits of trademark registration?

Trademark is a sign used to distinguish goods and services of different organizations and individuals. Trademarks include common marks, collective marks, certification marks, affiliated marks and well-known marks.
Registering for protection of trademarks and trademarks is also known as trademark registration or exclusive trademark. This is the procedure that individuals and organizations need to carry out to assert legal ownership of their brands and trademarks and can freely exploit commercial benefits from the mark through the use of the trademark. use a trademark associated with a product or service or license the right to use…

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