Regulation on birth certificate extract for people living abroad in Vietnam

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Accordingly, such problems around birth certificates are uneasy to understand, especially for those that are not familiar with the law. Therefore, in this article, LSX will give you a brief on the regulation on birth certificate extract for people living abroad in Vietnam.

  • 2014 Law on Civil Status
  • Decree 123/2015/ND-CP

Dossier for birth certificate extract for people living abroad

Hence the provision of the 2014 Law on Civil Status, a dossier for birth certificate extract will contain the following documents:

  • Declaration for issuance of a copy of civil status extract
  • Identification card
  • The household registration book of the person requesting the grant of a copy of the civil status extract
  • Authorization papers, in case of authorization to carry out the procedure

Procedure for birth certificate extract for people living abroad

Step 1: Submit the dossier

Firstly, the applicant shall submit the dossier for birth extract at the People’s Committee of the commune or ward; where he/she registered his/her birth. In case the settlement agency is the District People’s Committee; the applicant can submit it directly through the website of public administration.

Then, the civil status officer who receives your application will review the composition of the application and the content in those documents to check the validity of the application. In case the dossier is missing elements or the content in the documents is still incorrect; they will guide the applicant to correct it. In case the application is valid; they will receive a receipt, which is also an appointment letter to return the results of administrative procedures.

Step 2: Receive the end result

Lastly, after receiving all valid documents; the civil status officer will review the civil status records and return the results to the applicant according to the date on the appointment letter. On that date, the applicant can return to the place of application to receive the results.

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What are the difficulties in extracting birth certificates?

The procedure for extracting foreign elements is often more difficult
Influenced by time and work when returning home to carry out the procedure
Causing troubles to relatives, related to authorization issues, representative papers to carry out procedures.
For the elderly, the birth certificate is long and no longer has data, it is difficult to extract normally.

Where to get a copy of the birth certificate?

Extract of birth certificate at the People’s Committee of communes, wards and districts in the case of ordinary extracts

What is a copy of birth extract?

Simply put, after completing the administrative procedures to apply for a license and issue a birth certificate, you will be issued an original and the state agency will keep the original and similar copies. If an extract is lost or stolen by a citizen, the competent authority will issue a copy (with a stamp) to replace the original after receiving the request.

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