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Regulations on virtual business registration dossiers in Vietnam

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Hence the regulation in Decree 01/2021/ND-CP, the regulations on virtual business registration dossiers in Vietnam are much more detailed. On the condition that enterprises are now encouraged to register online for more convenience; LSX will give you the information on the issue.

  • 2020 Enterprise Law
  • Decree 01/2021/ND-CP

Forms of virtual business registration

Accordingly, enterprises may choose between the following form to register their business virtually:

  • Using Business Registration Account
  • Use digital signature

In fact, both methods produce the same results. Although, the applicant should note the following issues when applying with a digital signature:

  • The digital signature used to submit the application is an individual’s digital signature (distinct from the company’s digital sign)
  • The applicant must pay for their digital sign.

Requirements for virtual business registration

Firstly, the dossier must contain enough documents, and the contents of those documents are fully declared following regulations as in paper documents and presented in electronic form. The name of the electronic document must correspond to the name of that in the paper file. Besides, the competent person who signs in the business registration dossier can use digital signatures to sign directly on electronic documents or sign directly on paper documents and scan (scan) paper documents in “.doc”,“.docx”, or “.pdf” formats.

Secondly, the business registration information declared on the national enterprise registration portal must be complete and accurate regarding the information in the paper dossier; include information about the applicant’s phone number, email address.

Thirdly, an application for virtual enterprise registration must be authenticated in the following ways:

  • Digital signature
  • Business registration account of the person authorized to sign the enterprise registration application; or the person authorized to sign the written request for enterprise registration to carry out enterprise registration procedures.

In case of authorization to carry out enterprise registration procedures, the enterprise registration dossiers must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Written authorization for individuals to carry out procedures related to business registration
  • Copies of legal papers of authorized individuals

Time limit for enterprises to amend and supplement dossiers

In case the enterprise amends and supplements the application for online business registration, they must complete the work within 60 days at the latest. Thereafter the above time limit, if the enterprise does not receive the amended and supplemented dossier; the Business Registration Office will cancel the enterprise registration dossier according to the process on the National Information System on Business Registration.

Above are the regulations on virtual business registration dossiers in Vietnam. Hope that the article could help you solve your problem. In case you have any questions, please contact Lawyer X for quick and best legal services: 0833102102.

What is the time limit for the announcement of business registration content?

Within 30 days from the date of issuance of the Enterprise Registration Certificate; they must complete the announcement of business registration.

What type of company can a foreigner set up in Vietnam?

Foreign investors may set up every type of company in Vietnam. However, LLC and JSC are the most common among them.

How much does it cost to register the company virtually?

It’s free if you apply virtually.

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