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Sample English official dispatch under Vietnam law

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In day-to-day activities of state agencies, official documents are considered as the official means of communication between superiors-subordinates-citizens such as guiding documents, directing documents, explanatory letters, and requesting documents, reply dispatch, express dispatch, implementation instruction document…. But to compose an accurate English Dispatch, not everyone can do it. So about the matter “Sample English official dispatch under Vietnam law” Let’s find out with LSX in thea article below.

Legal grounds

  • Decree No. 30/2020/ND-CP

What is English Dispatch?

Dispatch is understood as a form of administrative document used in state agencies, organizations and enterprises. This is considered the official means of communication issued from the top to the bottom. There are many different types of official documents such as directing documents, guiding documents, request letters, explanatory letters, express dispatches, meeting invitations, response letters, etc.

In day-to-day activities of state agencies, official documents are considered as the official means of communication between superiors-subordinates-citizens such as guiding documents, directing documents, explanatory letters, and requesting documents. request, reply dispatch, express dispatch, implementation instruction document….

Official dispatch is a form of administrative document commonly used in activities of organizations, state agencies, public administrative and non-business units.

What are the types of English dispatch?

In addition to knowing what an English letter is, you also need to learn more about the terms of different types of documents in English. Here are the names of some typical and popular types of documents today:

–Dispatch express

–Instructive dispatch

–Directive dispatch

–Incoming official dispatch

–Official dispatch travels

An example of an English dispatch

Example 1:

After Hoa Long Trading Joint Stock Company receives a written notice from the Tax Department of Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi city about the delayed in submission of value-added tax returns in the second quarter of 2020, the Hoa Long company must have a written explanation sent to the tax office, clearly describes the reason why it is so late in filing the declaration as prescribed by law.

Example 2:

Before a state of increasing risk of epidemics, the social insurance has issued official letter No.: 860 / BHXH-BT to request for temporary suspension of contribution to the retirement and survivorship fund for objects affected by Covid-19.

Sample English official dispatch under Vietnam law

Official dispatch is one of the types of administrative documents specified in Article 7 of Decree 30/2020/ND-CP on clerical work. Accordingly, the format of administrative documents in general and official dispatches in particular will include the following components:

According to Article 8 of Decree No. 30/2020/ND-CP dated March 5, 2020 on clerical work, an administrative document must have the following main contents:

• Coat of arms and motto.

• Name of the agency or organization issuing the document.

• Numbers, symbols of the text.

• Place and time of issue of the document.

• Type name and excerpt of text content.

• Text content.

• Title, full name and signature of authorized person.

• Seals and digital signatures of agencies and organizations.

• Recipients.

A guide to the content of some common letter samples

Contents of the opening part of the official letter

In the opening part of the letter, the drafter needs to pose a problem to be solved. This is a mandatory part of the standard letter of intent.

The main problem is to present the reason why this official letter was issued, what is the purpose of the document and who is the recipient. At the same time, the dispatcher must also introduce the general content of the document so that the recipient can grasp the issue quickly. These contents are considered as a guide to the main content of the dispatch in the following section.

Response dispatch

Response dispatch is an administrative document used by an individual or organization to answer a question posed by an authoritative subject to the dispatcher. Or it can also be a reply text when receiving another text from another individual or organization.

The written response needs, the confirmation letter has the following contents:

The content needs to answer or confirm the problems that are asked to be solved.

If they do not respond or are unable to respond, a reasonable reason shall be given.

Request dispatch

Proposal letter is a form of request letter made by an agency or enterprise and sent to a superior agency to propose something. The proposal letter should contain the following contents:

• Content to be proposed or recommended;

• Proposed time limit for responding to petitions.

Meeting invitation dispatch

The notice or invitation to the meeting must include the following contents:

• Briefly state the content of the meeting;

• Participants;

• Meeting start time;

• Location.

In addition, if there are any notes about costumes, documents and papers to bring, please make a note below.

Explanation dispatch

The explanatory letter includes the following:

• State the main guidelines in the text.

• Explain requests, ask for explanations

• Organizational measures for implementation.

Some notes when drafting a dispatch

In addition to the above main contents, it is necessary to add the following contents to the dispatch:

• Appendix.

• Indication of confidentiality, urgency, indications of circulation.

• Editor designation and number of issues.

• Address of the agency or organization; email; electronic information; phone number; fax number.

When drafting a bilingual document, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues:

• Only revolves around a single topic, the text is clear and consistent.

• The language in the official letter should be short, concise and the ideas should be closely followed.

• Polite, serious and persuasive.

• Comply with the format specified in Appendix I and Article 9 of Decree No. 30/2020/ND-CP.

The first is related to the topic. For a topic, there can only be one and it must be clearly stated.

+ Second, the content needs to be short and concise, showing the right topic. Besides, it must comply with the standards and regulations of the Law and the State. … In addition, there are many types of dispatch. Each type will represent a different purpose such as directing dispatch, response dispatch, meeting invitation letter, etc.

The third is language. The language part must use polite, serious language.

Fourth, no less important is how to address in English. In English Mr. is used for men, the meaning of this word is regardless of whether the male is married or not. In women, there is the word Ms. is also used with the same meaning, regardless of whether a woman is married or unmarried.

In addition, for women, there is another way of addressing as Mrs. and in English this word is used to imply a married woman. The word Miss is used for the case of an unmarried woman.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an urging dispatch?

Urgent dispatch is often used to remind subordinate agencies and units to perform specific activities as a measure to help state agencies direct, regulate, coordinate, and ensure continuity. , the smooth and synchronous coordination between the objects involved in those activities.

What is an instruction dispatch?

Within the scope of their functions, state agencies can use official documents to provide professional guidance to subordinates in order to create uniformity in the application of the law. used when a subordinate agency asks about a specific thing that has arisen in practice but can also be promulgated by the superior when it realizes that a certain thing has legal provisions but there are still unclear points, can create different interpretations.

When do I need to make a Notice of Dispatch?

Dispatch notice is drafted when the author of the Dispatch has a need to convey a certain notice, usually used in the following cases:
– In case of law, contract, etc., it is mandatory to issue a notice such as: Notice of termination of labor contract, rental contract, cooperation contract…
– In case of law, contract, company charter, etc., it is not required to notify, but the notification is necessary such as: Notice of delay in delivery, notice of delivery deadline…

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