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TikTok, Youtube channels trademark registration service in Vietnam

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Accordingly, Tiktok and Youtube have become a new type of individuals and organizations’ intellectual property. In fact, Tiktok, Youtube channels trademark registration service is a useful service to support Youtuber, Tiktoker on the way to build a professional personal brand image. So, what are the regulations on TikTok, youtube channels trademark registration service in Vietnam? Let’s find out with LSX!

  • 2005 Intellectual Property Law

Procedure for TikTok, youtube channels trademark registration

Basically, the procedure to register a trademark for a youtube channel has certain similarities with ordinary trademarks because:

In case of trademarks, the registration of trademarks for business purposes; trademarks representing a company or a product or service of that company.

In case of trademarks, brands are youtube channels; the registration is usually in the field of communication and entertainment for the purpose of protecting the channel from repost, a few use this brand in business.

Dossier for TikTok, youtube channels trademark registration

Hence the regulation of the IP law, a dossier for TikTok, youtube channels trademark registration will contain the following documents:

  • Trademark registration declaration (according to a ready-made form);
  • 08 samples of trademarks are printed in color;
  • ID card, CCCD, or business registration of the trademark owner;
  • Power of attorney from the owner to an attorney to register the trademark on behalf of the owner.

TikTok, youtube channels trademark registration service

Thus the current data, most countries in the world follow the “First to File” system; means that priority will stay under the control of the person has their hand on the trademark for business before registering it. In fact, verifying the use of a business mark is quite difficult and cumbersome in the appraisal process, making this trend unpopular in many countries.

According to a preliminary search by Lawyer X, if you are a Youtuber who has not yet registered a trademark; there is no need to be shy because in fact, 95% of youtube channels are like you. The lack of interest in self-branding, not having a long-term and serious view of the business career needs to really change when the youtube channel brand can become a brand for business in the future.

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Does Vietnamese law approve collective marks?

Yes, in fact, a collective mark under Vietnamese Law is a mark used to distinguish the goods and services of members of the organization that is the owner of the mark from those of organizations or individuals who are not members of the organization. that position.

What is the time limit for the protection of trademarks?

The protection of trademarks will last for 10 years and can be renewable.

What are the conditions for trademark registration?

Hence the regulations of Intellectual Property Law, trademarks need to meet the following conditions:
– A visible sign in the form of letters, words, drawings, images, including holograms or a combination of such elements, represented by one or more colors
– Having the ability to distinguish goods and services of the mark owner from those of other subjects.

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