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Trademark searching service following the Vietnamese Law

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Accordingly, a trademark searching service is a useful legal service to support businesses; specialized in finding information about the possibility of protection, duplication, and identify the novelty of the trademarks. In fact, this service helps customers in making choices and the best decision to avoid risks and loss of copyrights.

  • 2005 Intellectual Property Law

Trademark registration procedures

Basically, with trademark searching, a trademark is the first step; which also the most important to start the process of carrying out the protection registration procedure. In fact, there are 03 steps to register for trademarks protection:

Step 1: Trademark searching

Firstly, the mark must not overlap and should have a high possibility of protection; comparing to other existing trademarks on the market.

According to data of the National Office of Intellectual Property; hundreds of thousands of labels are filed every year; in case the enterprise does not look up, it will be easy to duplicate.

Step 2: Submit application for protection registration

Secondly, the applicant must prepare a dossier that includes the following documents:

  • Trademark registration declaration (according to the available form);
  • Business license (or id card or individual’s passport);
  • The brand template in color with the size of 8x8cm.

Step 3: Appraisal process

  • Formal assessment: Within 2 months following the date of application submission;
  • Content appraisal: Within 18-24 months following the date of application submission;
  • Issuance of diplomas: Within 3 months following the date of paying the granting fee.

Methods of trademark searching

Thus, businesses and individuals can search for trademarks by themselves after choosing a suitable design. Otherwise, you can refer to Lawyer X‘s article on this issue: Instructions on how to look up trademarks

Of course, this search requires meticulousness and detail, a single misjudgment of patentability is very likely to cause copyright loss and disqualification. The best way is that you should use the trademark search service of units such as Lawyer X to ensure accuracy and save the most time.

About trademark searching service

In order to facilitate the trademark appraisal process, LSX will give opinions so that you can make the best choice when registering for trademark protection. The service that we provide will be as follow:

  • Trademark search service: Receiving trademarks (full marks include pictures and words); Express an opinion; assessment of protection ability;
  • Brand name lookup service: Receiving requests for brand names; concerns about choosing a brand name to put – We evaluate and give suggestions on the name;
  • Support services to increase the possibility of trademark protection in case it is duplicated with other brands of the same business line;
  • Support services to promote the process of granting trademark protection titles.

Thank you for paying attention to our article. In case you have any questions, please contact Lawyer X for quick and best legal services: +84846175333.

Which agency performs the trademark formality examination?

According to regulations, the agency competent to appraise the form as well as the content of a trademark registration application is the Intellectual Property Department under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

When is a trademark rejected when examining trademark content?

The notice of the National Office of Intellectual Property clearly states the reasons for the refusal of the trademark. Usually includes:
– Trademarks are indistinguishable
– A trademark that describes a product, service or product quality
– A trademark that is confusingly similar to one or several previously registered trademarks for the same group of products/services (control marks).

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