What do you need to notarize for a job application in Vietnam?

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Currently, the job application form belongs to the basic step of applying for a job, especially for office workers. Through the job application, the employer will partly assess your enthusiasm and determination when applying for a position in the company. However, you have to make the application valid (certified) before applying it, which many people do not know. So, in this article, LSX legal firm will answer the question: “What do you need to notarize for a job application in Vietnam?”

  • Decree 23/2015/ND-CP

What is a job application?

The job application form – a type of document in a candidate’s resume, commonly used in handwritten or typed. Usually, a handwritten application will make a better impression on the employer.
The application form needs to show the aspirations that the candidate wants to achieve when applying for the company. After presenting their aspirations, the candidate needs to show the employer his skills, knowledge, and experience in order to convince the employer to choose him over other candidates.
A job application is defined as a document that is not regulated by law, it is merely a personal document; through which the writer can express his/her personality and characteristics of using words as well as Utilize your abilities in job applications.
However, the application must ensure that it contains the necessary content of the candidate, presented briefly, avoiding lengthy.

What is notarization?

Notarization means the written certification by a notary of a notarial practice organization of the authenticity and lawfulness of a contract or another civil transaction (below referred to as contract or transaction) or of the accuracy, lawfulness, and conformity with social ethics of the Vietnamese or foreign-language translation of a paper or document (below referred to as translation) which is prescribed by law or voluntarily requested by an individual or organization to be notarized.
In other words, the certification of the authenticity of the contract and the documents from the original established in civil; economic, commercial, and other social relations.

Do you need to notarize and authenticate job applications?

In regular, when the employer calls for an interview, the candidate only needs to bring a photocopy of the profile without notarization or authentication. However, many enterprises require the notarization and authentication of a job application.
Indeed, this is the basis for the employer to know that the information provided by the candidate is completely accurate. Certification by the competent authority will make the application legally and recognized by a 3rd party, before the law.
Especially, when officially accepted, the candidate will sign a labor contract. So, it is important to ensure the accuracy of information because it is related to the payment of social insurance and other procedures.

What do you need to notarize for a job application?

In order to increase the authenticity of the information provided by the candidate, some employers may ask the candidate to notarize his/her papers.

Normally, if you receive a request from an employer about having to notarize your application, you need to prepare the following documents for notarization: Curriculum vitae, degrees, certificates (if any), household registration book, people’s identity card, copy of birth certificate…

As for the job application, in fact, the employer will not force you to notarize this document, because this is not a legal document, not issued by the competent country, so there is no need to prove a copy of the original.

Firstly, Curriculum Vitae (CV)

You can easily buy a curriculum vitae at grocery stores or bookstores, then fill out the necessary personal information on the given form. However, note that when writing a resume, you should avoid abbreviating, erasing, and finally pasting a 4×6 photo of yourself on the resume.

Secondly, the application form

This application can be handwritten or typed. If you want to make a good impression on the employer, you should use a handwritten application form.

Thirdly, a health certificate

You must have this kind of paper in your application. You can conduct a general health check-up at a medical center or hospital and then apply for a medical certificate. 

Do you have to notarize papers at the notary office?

Article 44 of the Law on Notarization 2014 provides for notarization locations as follows:

  • Except for the cases specified in Clause 2 of this Article, notarization shall be conducted at head offices of notarial practice organizations.
  • Notarization may be conducted outside the head office of a notarial practice organization if the notarization requester is old and weak and cannot move, is held in custody or in prison, is serving an imprisonment sentence, or has another plausible reason for being unable to come to the head office of the notarial practice organization.

Accordingly, you may carry out the notarization at the head office if you meet the conditions specified above. In case you can not travel, you can conduct the notarization outside the headquarters of the notarial practice organization.

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What is notarization requester?

Notarization requester means a Vietnamese or foreign individual or organization that requests notarization of a contract, transaction or translation in accordance with the Law on Notarization 2014.

Procedures for notarization of real estate purchase and sale contracts?

Firstly, the parties bring all the documents to the Notary Office to request the notarization of the contract and transaction of the parties.
Secondly, the Notary examines the documents. If the documents valid; the notary will proceed to draft the Contract at the request of the parties; or according to the Model Contract brought by the parties.
Thirdly, the parties re-read and check the content of the notarized contract.
Fourthly, the parties sign, and fingerprint the Contract, and the Notary notarizes the Contract.
Lastly, the parties pay the notarization fee and receive the original Contract.

Dossier to apply for a land use right certificate for the first time when buying land using handwritten paper?

Households and individuals currently using land now carry out the procedures for applying for a land use right certificate for the first time according to Article 8 of Circular 24/2014/TT-BTNMT

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