3 important notes when registering a marriage abroad

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3 important notes when registering a marriage abroad. Currently, the registration of marriage abroad of Vietnamese citizens is increasing day by day. So in this case, what should Vietnamese people pay attention to? Let us learn about this topic with LSX law firm as follow:

Important notes: Marriage notes must know when registering marriage abroad

Accordingly, when the two parties carry out the procedures for noting the marriage at a competent agency; the marriage relationship will be; recognized in Vietnam even though they have previously registered their marriage abroad. Dossier for marriage registration in Vietnam.

(Article 34 Decree 123/2015/ND-CP)

When doing the marriage registration procedure, the two people don’t need to be present but can authorize another person. At this time, the two men and women need to prepare the following documents:

– Declaration of marriage notes (according to the form issued together with Circular 15/2015/TT-BTP)

– A copy of the marriage certificate issued by a competent authority in a foreign country;

– A copy of the divorce note extract (if there was a divorce or an annulment of marriage before)

– Copies of identity papers of both male and female parties (if sending documents via the postal system);

– Power of attorney (if any).

(Article 35 Decree 123/2015/ND-CP)

Important notes: If you register marriage abroad, you can still get a copy in Vietnam

Article 19 of Decree 126/2014/ND-CP stipulates if the marriage registration is not contrary to the law of the host country; then two men and women can go to Vietnam’s representative offices abroad to register their marriage.

Accordingly, the representative agency will keep the civil status book recording the marriage registration of Vietnamese citizens with foreign elements. When there is a request for a copy, this agency will issue a copy of the marriage registration.

In addition, if an individual who has registered his/her marriage at a representative mission and now resides in Vietnam, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall issue a copy of the marriage registration.

In case the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet received the civil status book from the transfer representative agency, after receiving the dossier and request of the individual, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall request the representative agency to provide information and perform the issuance of the civil status book. prescribed copy.

(Article 18 Joint Circular 02/2016/TTLT-BNG-BTP).

Important notes: Get a divorce in Vietnam when you are married abroad

Because the marriage registration is done abroad, in order to get a divorce in Vietnam, the marriage relationship must be recognized by Vietnamese law. Recognizing overseas marriage registration in Vietnam. At that time, Vietnamese citizens must make a marriage note at a competent Vietnamese agency.

In addition, because the marriage registration is done in a foreign country, the marriage registration certificate must also be certified by a competent Vietnamese agency with its seal, signature and title in order for this certificate to be recognized and approved. used in Vietnam.

(Article 2 of Decree 111/2011/ND-CP)

Thus, in order to get a divorce in Vietnam, even if you have registered your marriage abroad, you need to make a marriage note at a competent Vietnamese agency and carry out consular legalization procedures.

In short, when registering marriage abroad, individuals can completely apply for a copy of the marriage registration certificate, have their marriage relationship and divorce recognized when they return to Vietnam.

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