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Apply for extension of Labor Visa for foreigners in Vietnam

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Visa extension for foreigners working in Vietnam – Visa extension for foreign workers with work permit or work permit exemption confirmation, etc. These are the issues that always receive the attention of foreigners when they come to Vietnam. LSX Lawfirm will help you answer according to article: “Apply for extension of Labor Visa for foreigners in Vietnam”.

– Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam 2014

– Circular No. 25/2021/TT-BTC

Conditions to apply for extension of Labor Visa for foreigners in Vietnam

Foreigners who want to enter Vietnam to labor must meet the following conditions to be competent authorities grant visas:

– Have Passport or international travel documents.

– Have an agency, organization or individual in Vietnam invite (guarantee); except for the following cases:

+ Foreigners “suggestions” for electronic visas.

+ Agencies and organizations that apply for electronic visas for foreigners.

– Not fall into the cases that have not been allowed to enter the country; including:

+ Not eligible for entry (as defined in  Article 20 of the Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners)

+ Children under 14 years old who are not accompanied by their father, mother, guardian or authorized person.

+ Forge papers; make false declarations in order to be granted valid papers on entry; exit and residence.

+ Persons suffering from mental illnesses or infectious diseases that pose a danger to public health.

+ Be expelled from Vietnam for less than 03 years from the effective date of the decision on expulsion.

+ Be forced to leave Vietnam within 06 months from the effective date of the decision on forced exit.

+ For reasons of disease prevention and control.

+ Due to natural disaster.

+ For reasons of national defense, security, social order and safety.

– Have a work permit in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code.

Visa extension procedures for labor foreigners in Vietnam

According to the provisions of Vietnamese law on foreign labor management; foreign workers working in Vietnam for 3 months or more must apply for a work permit. When obtaining a work permit; foreign workers will be granted a visa or extended a long-term visa in Vietnam. In this case; a work permit is a condition of visa application.

Step 1: Prepare dossier to apply for extension of Labor Visa for foreigners in Vietnam

The employee prepare the profile for visa issuance or visa extension.

  • Firstly; legal dossier of enterprises or organizations that foreigners are working for.
  • Secondly; Passports of foreigners must be valid for at least 06 months.
  • Thirdly; Work permit.
  • Fourthly;Appleication form for granting and extending Vietnam visa.
  • Finally; other documents at the specific request of the immigration authority (such as the rental contract; the list of foreign workers; the certificate of temporary residence, etc.)

Dossier to apply for visa extension guaranteed by the organization

According to regulations on immigration management; organizations including companies; branches or representative offices have the right to guarantee foreigners for visa extension or temporary residence extension in Vietnam for different purposes.

Dossier to apply for visa extension for foreigners include:

– Original Passport

– Work Permit

– Application for visa extension – Form NA5

– Business Registration License photo notarized

– Temporary residence certificate

– Letter of recommendation; Application for explanation

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Dossiers of application for Vietnamese nationality

Step 2: Submit your application at one of the following 2 “Address” :

  • Firstly; administration of Immigration.
  • Secondly; entry and exit management office of the police department of the province or city where the enterprise has its headquartered.

Step 3: Get the result

Processing time is 5 working days.

Note that: The foreigners can receive results directly according to the information on the appointment letter or receive the results by postal service.

Renewal fee:

  • Firstly; Visa is valid for one time: 25 USD/pcs
  • Secondly; Type valid for no more than 03 months: 50 USD/piece
  • Thirdly; type valid on 03 months to 06 months: 95 USD/Unit
  • Fourthly ; type value over 06 months to 12 months: 135 USD/Unit
  • Finally; type of value over 12 months to 02 years: 95 USD/Unit

Note: In case the extension is done through a service company, the foreigner needs to pay an additional service fee.

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How to apply for extension of Labor Visa Covid-19?

During the Covid 19 period; Vietnam creates favorable conditions for foreigners holding a Vietnam visa to extend their visas and extend their temporary residence for those who are working in Vietnam or are stuck in Vietnam while traveling.
Specific automatic visa extension for foreigners entry date 03/01/2020; the other cases tourist visas are renewed once a month. Visa DN1, DN2 can be extended up to 3 months; Visa for work; visit relatives… can be extended from 6 months to 1 year; depending on the case.

How to apply for extension of Labor Visa via online?

Currently, Vietnam only issues online visa for the case of applying for an electronic visa to Vietnam; which applies to 80 countries and territories; Vietnam does not apply to the application for visa extension online. Foreigners in Vietnam must directly carry out visa application procedures at the Immigration Department or another person submits the application on behalf of the authorized person. In the case of a company; the company’s employees must directly pay; in case of a family member; the guarantor must directly pay or authorize.

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