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Basic principles of construction investment activities in Vietnam

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The Construction law 2014

Some definitions about construction investment activities in Vietnam

Construction project owner (below referred to as project owner) means an agency, organization or individual that owns funds, borrows loans, or is assigned to directly manage and use funds, for construction investment activities.

In addition, construction work means a product created by human labor and with building materials and equipment installed therein, affixed to land, which possibly includes underground and surface components, underwater and water surface components, and constructed according to design. Construction works include civil works, industrial works, traffic works, agricultural and rural development works, technical infrastructure works and other works.

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Issuing construction permits for foreign contractors

Basic principles of construction investment activities in Vietnam


Ensure the compliance of work construction investment with:

  • Master plans and designs
  • Then, landscape and environmental protection
  • The suitability to natural and social conditions and cultural characteristics of each locality

Ensure the stable life of basic principles of construction investment activities in Vietnam:

  • People
  • Then, combine socio-economic development with national defense and security
  • Disaster preparedness and management, and response to climate change


Rationally using resources and natural resources in project areas, ensuring proper purposes, proper subjects and process of construction investment.

  • Comply with standards and technical regulations
  • Then, Regulations on the use of building materials
  • Then, ensure convenient and safe access for people with disabilities
  • The elderly and children to public facilities and high-rises
  • Then, ensure scientific and technological application and information system application to construction investment activities
  • Ensure the quality, schedule and safety of works, human lives and health and property; fire and explosion prevention and fighting; and environmental protection.
  • Finally, synchronous construction within each work and synchronism with technical and social infrastructure facilities.


So, organizations and individuals involved in construction activities must satisfy capacity requirements and assume responsibility for quality of works performed as prescribed by Construction Law 2014 about basic principles of construction investment activities in Vietnam

So, ensure the publicity, transparency, thrift and efficiency; preventing and combating corruption, waste, loss and other negative practices in construction investment activities.

Then, clearly define the function of state management in construction investment activities from the function of management of investment decision makers, project owners suitable to each type of used funding sources


When formulating and implementing construction planning, performing construction investment activities, managing and operating construction works, and developing building materials, technical and management solutions must be adopted to ensure thrift and efficient use of energy and natural resources, and environmental protection.

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Construction of a work means?

Construction of a work means the construction of, and installation of equipment for, a newly built, repaired, renovated, relocated, embellished or restored work; dismantlement of a work; warranty and maintenance of a construction work.

Basic design means?

Basic design means a design made in the construction investment feasibility study report, based on the selected design plan, demonstrating the principal technical parameters suitable to applied standards and technical regulations, which serves as a basis for proceeding with subsequent designing steps. So, it related to basic principles of construction investment activities in Vietnam

Equipment installed in a work includes?

Equipment installed in a work includes work equipment and technological equipment. Work equipment means equipment installed in a construction work according to its construction design. Technological equipment means equipment included in the technological chain installed in a work according to its technological design.

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