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Can foreigners participate in household health insurance?

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Can foreigners participate in household health insurance? How much is the household health insurance premium for foreigners? Let us learn about this topic with LSX law firm as follow:

To reduce the cost of medical examination and treatment, most self-employed people choose to buy health insurance in the form of households. So can foreigners participate in health insurance in this form?

Does household health insurance apply to foreigners?

Health insurance is a form of compulsory insurance; applicable to the statutory subjects for health care, not for profit, organized by the State.

With the form of household health insurance, Article 5 of Decree 146/2018/ND-CP and Clause 2, Article 38 of the Law on Residence 2020 amending and supplementing the Law on Health Insurance specifically list the participants including:

Firstly, persons who jointly register for permanent residence or jointly register for temporary residence at the same lawful place of residence, except those who belong to the group of subjects paid together by the employee and the employer, paid by the social insurance agency, paid by the State budget, supported by the State budget, or paid by the employer.

Secondly, dignitaries, positions, monks.

Thirdly, people living in social protection establishments, except those who have participated in compulsory health insurance but are not supported by the State budget.

Based on the above subjects, you can see that foreigners can also register to participate in household health insurance if they have registered for permanent or temporary residence at a lawful place of residence.

How much is the household health insurance premium for foreigners?

According to point e, Clause 1, Article 7 of Decree 146/2018/ND-CP, the health insurance premiums of household members are determined:

  1. The first person pays 4.5% of the base salary;

2. The second person pays 70% of the first person’s payment;

3. The third person pays 60% of the premium of the first person;

4. The fourth person pays 50% of the first person’s payment;

5. From the 5th person onwards, the payment is equal to 40% of the contribution rate of the first person.

Currently, the base salary applied in 2021 is 1.49 million VND. Therefore, the health insurance premiums of foreigners when participating in health insurance in the form of households are as follows:

Household members

Firstly, the 1st person pays 67,050 VND/month

Secondly, the second person pays 46,935 VND/month

Thirdly, the third person pays 40,230 VND/month

Fourthly, the 4th person pays 33,525 VND/month

Lastly, the 5th person onward pays 26,820 VND/month

Where do foreigners buy household health insurance?

According to the provisions of Clause 3, Article 31 of Decision 595/QD-BHXH; the collection agent or the social insurance agency will be responsible for receiving the application for participation in household health insurance; and is also the place to issue cards to participants of health insurance in this form.

To know the nearest collection agent address, foreign individuals can look up at the following link:

According to Decision 595/QD-BHXH as amended and supplemented by Decision 505/QD-BHXH, foreigners’ participation in health insurance in the form of households is implemented as follows:

Step 1: Prepare documents:

Declaration of participation and adjustment of information on social insurance and health insurance (Form TK1-TS).

Step 2: Submit application and pay

– Location of application submission: Collection agent or social insurance agency (The collection agent must complete the dossier and send it to the social insurance agency).

Pay health insurance premiums at the rate of participants.

Step 3: Get your health insurance card

Foreigners receive health insurance cards at the place where they have submitted their applications.

The time limit for settlement: No more than 05 days from the date the social insurance agency receives the complete dossier.

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What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance in the field of public health care. Health insurance helps to reduce health care costs, costs related to treatment, health recovery… in case of illness or accident…

Health insurance benefits

Having the option of a medical facility for medical examination and treatment:
Firstly, the health insurance participants can choose a convenient medical facility near the place of work; or place of residence under the guidance of the Social Insurance Agency to register for medical examination; primary treatment, change the place of initial registration at the beginning of each quarter
Secondly, reduced medical examination and treatment costs: Depending on the subject and the disease and accident situation, the participants of health insurance will be completely or partially free of treatment costs; medical expenses at public health facilities.

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