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Conditional business lines for foreign investors in Vietnam

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Law on investment 2020

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Banned business lines in accordance with Vietnamese law

According to the provisions of Decree 31/2021/ND-CP, which officially took effect from March 26, 2021, stipulates conditional business lines for foreign investors. Therefore, when a foreign investor establishes a foreign-invested company, if he/she has registered conditional business lines, it must satisfy the conditions specified in the Trade Agreements, Commitment to WTO, etc. and according to the provisions of Vietnamese law.

LSX Lawfirm would like to summarize the list of conditional business lines for foreign investors as follows: including 59 industries:

Conditional business lines for foreign investors in Vietnam


  • Production and distribution of cultural products, including video recordings.
  • Production, distribution and projection of television programs and musical, theater, and cinematic works.
  • Provide radio and television services.
  • Insurance; Bank; securities trading and other services related to insurance, banking and securities trading.
  • Then, Postal and telecommunications services.
  • Advertising service.
  • Printing services, publication distribution services.
  • Surveying and mapping services.
  • Photography service from above.
  • Education service.


  • Exploration, extraction and processing of natural resources, minerals, oil and gas.
  • Then, Hydropower, offshore wind and nuclear power.
  • Transport of goods and passengers by rail, air, road, river, sea, pipeline.
  • Aquaculture.
  • Then, Forestry and hunting.
  • Business betting, casino.
  • Security services.
  • Then, Construction, operation and management of river ports, seaports and airports.
  • Real estate business.
  • Legal service.


  • Veterinary services.
  • Then, Goods purchase and sale activities and activities directly related to goods purchase and sale activities of foreign service suppliers in Vietnam.
  • Technical analysis and testing services.
  • Travel services.
  • Then, Health and social services.
  • Sports and entertainment services.
  • Paper production.
  • Then, Manufacture of vehicles with over 29 seats.
  • Development and operation of traditional markets.
  • Commodity Exchange Operations.


  • Domestic retail collection service.
  • Then, Auditing, accounting, bookkeeping and tax services.
  • Valuation services; consulting business valuation for equitization.
  • Services related to agriculture, forestry and fishery.
  • Then, Manufacture and manufacture of aircraft.
  • Manufacture and manufacture of locomotives and railway wagons.
  • Producing and trading in tobacco products, tobacco ingredients, machinery and equipment in the tobacco industry.
  • Then, Publisher activities.
  • Building and repairing ships.
  • Waste collection services, environmental monitoring services.

In addition

  • Commercial arbitration services, arbitration mediation.
  • Then, Business logistics services.
  • Coastal shipping.
  • Then, Cultivation, production or processing of rare and precious crops, breeding and breeding of rare and precious wild animals and processing and handling of these animals or plants, including live animals and their preparations. they;
  • Production of building materials.
  • Then, Construction and related engineering services.
  • Motorcycle assembly.
  • Services related to sports, fine arts, performing arts, fashion shows, beauty and modeling contests, and other entertainment and recreational activities.
  • Then, Air freight support services; ground technical services at airports and airfields; on-board catering services; information services, navigation and surveillance, aeronautical meteorological services.
  • Then, Shipping agency services; ship towing service.
  • Services related to cultural heritage, copyright and related rights, photography, video recording, sound recording, art exhibitions, festivals, libraries, museums;


  • Services related to promotion and promotion of tourism.
  • Then, Representative service, recruitment agency and scheduling, management for artists and athletes.
  • Family related services.
  • E-commerce activities.
  • Then, Cemetery business, cemetery services and burial services.
  • Service of sowing seeds and spraying chemicals by plane.
  • Maritime pilot services;
  • Then, Investment sectors and trades under the pilot mechanism of the National Assembly, the National Assembly Standing Committee, the Government and the Prime Minister.

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How long does it take to process a business change notification?

Accordingly, the time for the business registration agency to process the application for change of business line is 03 working days after receiving the complete and valid application.

Where are conditional business lines regulated?

The list of conditional business lines and industries is specified in Appendix IV of the Law on Investment 2020.

How much does it cost for the announcement of changing business lines?

Thus the Circular 47/2019/TT-BTC, announcement fee on changing business lines – business registration content is VND 100,000.

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