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Establishment of foreign investors’s foreign language center

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According to the provisions of Vietnamese law, it allows foreign investors establish foreign language training institutions in Vietnam. However, this is a conditional investment field as specified in Section 143 of the List of conditional investment and business lines, promulgated together with Appendix 4, Law on Investment 2014. LSX Lawfirm will give you the article: “Establishment of foreign investors’s foreign language center”, hope you understand more about this issue:

Law on enterprises 2020

Law on Investment 2020

Decree No. 86/2018/ND-CP

What is establishment of foreign investors’s foreign language center?

Establishment of foreign investors’s foreign language center is a foreign entity’s desire to open a foreign language center in Vietnam in order to help people living in the Vietnamese territory improve their foreign language expertise.

Establishment of foreign investors’s foreign language center

To operate the center, investors need to follow the following steps:

Firstly; apply for an Investment Project Certificate

Secondly; establish a business to implement the project

Thirdly; register educational activities and notify them on the website of the Department of Education and Training.

However, your company should note: in order to be registered for operation, the center must meet the conditions for the type of short-term training and retraining center as prescribed by law, including:

Investment capital conditions: Investment projects to establish short-term training and retraining establishments must have an investment rate of at least VND 20 million/student (excluding land use costs). In case new facilities are not built but only leased back or contributed as capital by the Vietnamese party with existing facilities, the investment level must reach at least 70% of the above-prescribed level.

Regarding the classroom area: must ensure the average level of 2.5 m2/student or more; there are offices of the board of directors, leaders, teachers’ rooms, libraries and other functional rooms. Regarding educational programs: are taught according to Vietnamese educational programs and foreign short-term training programs

About the teaching staff: Teachers participating in teaching must have a college degree or higher suitable to the curriculum and achieve a maximum conversion rate of 25 students/teacher. Above are some basic conditions that investors need to meet, in addition to the above conditions, investors need to meet other conditions. volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border.

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