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Foreigners live in Vietnam do e-commerce business

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Through the e-commerce website platform, buying and selling online has become a habit of consumers. So, can foreigners residing in Vietnam participate in e-commerce activities like Vietnamese citizens, LSX Lawfirm would like to inform you about foreigners live in Vietnam do e-commerce business.

Legal grounds

Commercial Law 2005;

Decree 52/2013/ND-CP;

Decree 85/2021/ND-CP.

E-commerce concept

Accordingly Clause 1, Article 3 of the Commercial Law 2005:

Commercial activities are activities for profit-making purposes, including purchase and sale of goods, provision of services, investment, trade promotion and other activities for profit-making purposes.

Clause 1, Article 3 of Decree 52/2013/ND-CP stipulates:

E-commerce activities mean conducting part or the whole process of commercial activities by electronic means connected to the Internet, mobile telecommunications networks or other open networks.

Thus, e-commerce is essentially the activity of buying and selling goods; Instead of taking place directly, it will take place on platforms that are sales websites and telecommunications networks registered in accordance with the law.

Can foreigners living in Vietnam do e-commerce business?

Traders, organizations and individuals participating in e-commerce activities in the territory of Vietnam, including:

Firstly, vietnamese traders, organizations and individuals;

Secondly, foreign individuals residing in Vietnam;

Lastly, foreign traders and organizations engaged in e-commerce activities prescribed in Section 5, Chapter IV of Decree 85/2021/ND-CP in Vietnam.

Thus, foreign individuals residing in Vietnam will be allowed to conduct e-commerce activities in the Vietnamese territory according to regulations.

Conditions and procedures for registering e-commerce business via website

Registration conditions

Being a functional trader or organization; suitable duty or the individual has been granted a personal tax identification number.

Having a website with a valid domain name and complying with regulations on information management on the Internet.

Besides, informed the Ministry of Industry and Trade about the establishment of an e-commerce website for sales

Registration procedure

  • Dossier to prepare

– The domain name of the e-commerce website;

– Types of goods and services introduced on the website;

– The registered name of the trader, organization or the name of the individual owning;

– Address of the head office or permanent address of the individual;

– Number, date of issue and place of business registration certificate of the trader; or the number, date of issue and the unit issuing the decision on establishment of the organization; or personal tax identification number of the individual;

– Name, title, number of people’s identity card; phone number and email address of the trader’s representative; the person responsible for the e-commerce website;

– Other information as prescribed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

  • Where to submit application: Portal to manage e-commerce activities at
  • Time limit for settlement: 06 working days from the date of receipt of the application

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Related questions

How is information about prices on e-commerce websites regulated?

Firstly, Information on prices of goods or service, includes costs associated with the purchase of goods or services.
Secondly, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, if the price information of goods or services listed on the website does not clearly show that the price includes or does not include costs related to the purchase of goods or services such as taxes, packing fees, shipping charges and other incidental costs, this price is understood to include all relevant costs mentioned above.
Lastly, for services on websites providing e-commerce services specified in Sections 2 and 4, Chapter 3 of Decree 52/2013/ND-CP, the website must disclose detailed information on how service fees are charged. and payment mechanism

What are the regulations on violations of transactions on e-commerce websites?

Firstly, performing acts of deceiving customers on e-commerce websites;
Secondly, forging information of other traders, organizations and individuals to participate in e-commerce activities;
Finally, interfering with the operating system and Internet browsers at electronic devices accessing the website in order to force customers to save the website against their will.

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