Language in investment documents for foreigner investor in Vietnam

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Many foreign investors wonder what language to use when investing in Vietnam. LSX Lawfirm will give you an article according to the article: “Language in investment documents for foreigner investor in Vietnam”, as follows:

Law on investment 2020

Decree No. 31/2021/ND-CP

Some definitions relate to language in investment documents for foreigner investor in Vietnam

1. “valid copy” means a copy that is extracted from the master register or authenticated by a competent authority (or from the national database for information about population; enterprise registration and investment stored therein).

2. “original dossier” means the dossier for following investment procedures , which consists of original documents or valid copies; except documents in foreign languages and Vietnamese translations thereof.

3. “National Investment Portal” is part of the National Investment Information System and used for following procedures for issuance and revision of investment registration certificates; and then outward investment registration certificates; posting and updating legislative documents policies and market access conditions.

Language in investment documents for foreigner investor in Vietnam

1. Firstly, submitted to competent authorities written in Vietnamese.

2. Secondly, documents in foreign languages enclosed with their Vietnamese translations by the investors.

3. They are available in both Vietnamese and foreign language, the Vietnamese documents used for following investment procedures.

4. Investors are responsible for discrepancies between the translation, the copies and the original document.

So, in which, depending on the socio-economic conditions and demands for investment attraction in each period; then the Prime Minister shall consider and decide to apply forms and contents of guarantee of the State to execute investment projects subject to approval for their investment guidelines by the National Assembly and the Prime Minister; and other important investment projects on infrastructural development at the request of Ministries; ministerial agencies, People’s Committees of provinces and central-affiliated cities (hereinafter referred to as “provincial People’s Committees”).

The State’s guarantee to execute investment projects considered to be applied in the following forms:

a) Providing partial assistance in foreign currency balancing according to the foreign exchange management policy’ and within the capacity for foreign currency balancing from time to time.

b) Other forms of the State’s guarantee decided by the Prime Minister.

Finally, Public – private partnership (PPP) project investors and enterprises considered to apply the forms of investment guarantees specified in Chapter II of the Law on Investment and regulations of law on PPP investment.

Related questions about “Language in investment documents for foreigner investor in Vietnam”

Incentive-applying authority means?

“incentive-applying authority” is either a tax authority, finance authority, customs authority or another authority depending on the type of investment incentive.

Valid application means/

“valid application” means an application that that contains all the documents with adequate information prescribed by the Law on Investment, Decree No. 31/2021/ND-CP

Investment-related international treaty means?

“investment-related international treaty” means an international treaty to which the State or the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a signatory and which specifies the rights and obligations of the State or the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to investment activities of investors in the member countries or territories (hereinafter referred to as “countries”) of the treaty.

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