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Order and approving construction planning in Vietnam

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Law on construction 2014

Circular No. 20/2019/TT-BXD

Order and approving construction planning in Vietnam

Construction planning shall be demonstrated through construction plans and must comply with the following order:


Devising and approving construction planning tasks.

According to the Ministry of Construction, the case of industrial park Y mentioned in the question of citizen Duong Vinh is not required to set up planning tasks as prescribed in Clause 5, Article 15, Circular No. 12/2016/TT- The Ministry of Construction’s Ministry of Construction dated June 29, 2016 stipulates the dossiers of tasks and projects of regional construction planning, urban planning and construction planning of specific functional areas.

Therefore, the agency that organizes the formulation of the construction planning shall elaborate the cost estimate for the elaboration of the construction zoning planning according to the regulations on planning costs (no need to set up planning tasks), and submit it to the competent authority. Determine and approve the cost estimate according to the provisions of Article 10, Circular No. 05/2017/TT-BXD dated April 5, 2017 of the Ministry of Construction guiding the determination and management of construction and urban planning costs.


conduct field investigations and surveys; collect maps, documents and data on natural conditions, current socio-economic conditions, national planning, regional planning and provincial planning concern to set up a construction planning project.


Formulating construction plans related to Order and approving construction planning in Vietnam

Accordingly, the cost of making a planning project includes the following costs:

  • Expenses for those involved in making the project;
  • Other expenses such as:
  • Cost of purchasing documents, data, maps, stationery, planning software (if any);
  • Equipment depreciation expenses, travel expenses, accommodation expenses, conference and seminar expenses and other expenses (if any).

Note about Order and approving construction planning in Vietnam: The cost of making a planning project determined according to the norms specified in Circular 20/2019/TT-BXD, not including the cost to perform the following tasks:

  • Planning tasks.
  • Construction survey to serve the planning project.
  • Buy or make topographic maps for planning projects (if any).

(Compared with the current one, spend money on other jobs to serve the planning of projects).

At the same time, amending and supplementing the content of the cost of adjusting the planning project determined by the estimate. For example, in the case of partial adjustment of the planning project, the cost of the work to be adjusted will be determined based on the work to be adjusted according to the estimate, but not exceeding 50% of the cost of making the corresponding new planning project.


Appraise and approve construction plans.

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Construction planning means?

Construction planning is the spatial organization of urban areas, rural areas and functional areas, the organization of a system of technical and then social infrastructure works, and the creation of an appropriate environment for people living in different areas, territory, ensuring a harmonious combination of national interests with community interests, meeting the goals of socio-economic development, national defense, security, environmental protection, and response to climate change. according to Clause 30, Article 3 of the Law on Construction 2014. It is expressed through a construction planning project including documents, drawings, models and explanations.

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